A terrorist group kills the mayor of Ghadir Al-Bustan in Quneitra

QUNEITRA, (ST) - The mayor of Ghadir Al-Bustan, Hussein Al-Kaaid, was killed by terrorists in front of his house in the southern sector of Quneitra governorate.

SANA reporter said that, terrorists shot directly at the mayor in Ghadir Al-Bustan village in the southern countryside of Quneitra after midnight last night, while he was in front of his house, killing him. The terrorists then fled.

A medical source at the Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital indicated to the reporter that the hospital received at dawn today a citizen who died as a result of several gunshot wounds.

A civilian was wounded on the 17th of this month when an explosive device planted by unknown persons went off in his car in the town of Rafid in the southern countryside of Quneitra.

Raghda Sawas