Al-Maqt: the freedom of the six Palestinian prisoners is a heroic act, like a miracle

The released prisoner, Sidqi Al-Maqt, confirmed that the six Palestinian prisoners who snatched their freedom through a tunnel they dug with their own hands from their cell in the heavily fortified Israeli prison “Gilboa” is a heroic act, like a miracle.

Sidqi Al-Maqt, the dean of the Syrian prisoners, who spent 32 years in the occupation’s prisons, most of them in “Gilboa” prison, explained that this heroic operation demonstrated the fragility of the occupation entity and destroyed all its fortifications.

Al-Maqt stressed that that the heroic prisoners represent the true will of the Palestinian and Arab fighter who refuses to submit and defies all circumstances.


Al-Maqt indicated that the occupation established Gilboa prison in 2004 near the city of Bisan in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, to be its most fortified prison, noting the will and steadfastness of the six prisoners.

Al-Maqt added that the history of the prisoners’ movement is full of dozens of similar heroic operations, after which the occupation launched frenzied hysterical campaigns to take revenge on the prisoners.

Al-Maqt stressed that the prisoners do not accept humiliation and face steadfastly all the brutal occupation practices.


O. al-Mohammad