43 Syrian and Palestinian artists take part in Golan’s Annual Exhibition

The artworks of 43 artists from occupied Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan were exhibited in the Golan’s Annual Exhibition which was organized by the Quneitra branch of the Plastic Artists’ Union at Al-Shaab gallery.

The exhibition depicts man’s relation with land and affirms the adherence of the people in Golan to their homeland Syria and the commitment of the Palestinian people to liberating their occupied land.  

Husam Taleb, a Syrian painter, said that his three oil paintings depict the wonderful nature and heritage of the Golan and they affirm his adherence to this dear part of the homeland.

The artist Rufaida Hashem, on her part, said that her two acrylic paintings showed silent nature. She talked about the importance of drawing in helping people get out of the difficult situation they are experiencing due to the current critical circumstances.

 Sculptor Nasr Diyab said that the theme of his two sculptural works is love ad myth. He used expressionism to convey a message of peace and amity through his works.

Head of the Plastic Artists’ Union Erfan Abu Al-Shamat stressed the importance of holding such exhibition as they stress the originality of the Syrians in Golan and encourage the Palestinian refugees to confirm their adherence to their rights.

Hamda Mustafa