Condemnation continues on the assassination of the freed prisoner, Medhat Al-Saleh

On October 18thThe Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemned the Israeli enemy's crime of assassinating the liberated prisoner , Medhat Al-Saleh

The Party described the crime as a cowardly act aimed at attempting to break the will of our people to recover every inch of the occupied land. 

In a statement mourning the good martyr, the party stressed that all the bloody crimes and aggressions of the occupation will only increase our determination to continue the resistance until liberation and victory, as it will increase our people in the occupied Syrian Golan clinging to their land and identity and insisting on continuing the struggle until the return of the entire Golan’s soil to the motherland Syria. 


The statement pointed out that the blood of the good martyr is truer than all American promises and bets on the settlements that the enemies are trying to impose to implement the normalization plans.

In turn, the official of the media office of the Palestinian National Resistance Movement (Islamic Jihad), Daoud Shehab, condemned the assassination by the Zionist enemy

Shehab said that the crime of assassinating Al-Saleh “carries dangerous dimensions,” stressing that the terrorism practiced by the occupation authorities clearly indicates that its entity is “the first enemy that must be fought, resisted, confronted and its crimes responded to.” 

The liberated captive, Medhat Saleh Al-Saleh, was martyred last Saturday evening as a result of being targeted by the Israeli enemy with bursts of bullets while returning to his home in the Ain Al-Tineh site in the Quneitracountryside, opposite the town of MajdalShams in the occupied Syrian Golan.


Inas Abdulkareem