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A protest sit-in by people of Syrian Occupied Golan in rejection of the Zionist entity’s settlement plans

Damascus, (ST) - A number of residents of the occupied Syrian Golan organized a protest sit-in infront of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus on Wednesday in rejection of the practices of the Zionist occupation entity and its new settlement plans in Golan.

During the sit-in, the people of the Golan stressed their right to regain their land and to continue their struggle against the Zionist enemy.

Nawaf has passed away and the Golan will return to its motherland

The occupied Syrian Golan  (ST): Barbed wire and minefields kept Nawaf Masoud and his family in the occupied Syrian Golan for four decades, leaving life away from his family and land in the occupied Golan.

This story has been repeated from time to time among the families that have been separated by the occupation since the 1967 aggression which tore them apart and prevented communication.This story will only end  with the end of the occupier.

Nawaf, who went to Damascus University at the end of the seventies of the last century with a scholarship from the founding leader Hafez al-Assad, has not returned to his hometown of Masada since then.He kept dreaming of its orchards and mounds but his dreams never materialized.He died yesterday without his brothers, friends and neighbors saying goodbye to him and giving him a last farewell look. His face is covered with the dust of the Golan, which he loved.

Nawaf was known for his consistent patriotic stances and insisted to build his house in the village of Ain al-Tineh to remain overlooking the occupied village of Majdal Shams and close to his land.

Emil Masoud, the nephew of the late Nawaf confirmed that the homeland, which embraced his uncle during many years, from a university student to a successful doctor, had great credit in his making and the stations that polished the life of the deceased, who remained committed to the dream of returning to his land in the occupied Golan.

Israeli settlement expansion scheme in occupied Syrian Golan escalates tension in the region: Grospic

The Golan is an integral part of Syria and its occupation by Israel as well as the newly announced Israeli plan to build more settlements in this area are a  blatant violation of the international law and a clear example of the imperialist policy towards the Syrian people, Stanislav Grospic, Head of  the Czech-Moravian Trade Union Confederation, has stressed.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Prague, Grospic condemned the Israeli occupation's new scheme of settlement expansion in the occupied Syrian Golan.

"Israel has occupied the Golan and issued the ill-famed annexation decision in a flagrant violation of the international law although this area is a Syrian land. Thus, the United Nations and most countries of the world consider this decision as null and void and as illegal," Grospic said.

People's Assembly: Occupation's settlement plans in the Golan are null and a violation of international law

Damascus (ST): The People's Assembly condemned the new settlement plans of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that they constitute a flagrant violation of international resolutions.

A statement issued by the Assembly  stated, “We condemn in the strongest terms the Zionist settlement plan, which aims to build more settlement units, in addition to infrastructure and other projects over the next five years, through which the occupation forces aim to attract new batches of Zionist settlers to double their numbers and settle them on the occupied Syrian Golan.”

Syria condemns dangerous and unprecedented escalation by Israeli occupation authorities in Golan

On December 27thSyria strongly condemned the dangerous and unprecedented escalation by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan

Syria condemned the Israeli observance and immunity practices and violations, which are considered war crimesThe latest one was the Israeli prime minister’s meeting with his government in the occupied Golan.