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People's Assembly: Occupation's settlement plans in the Golan are null and a violation of international law

Damascus (ST): The People's Assembly condemned the new settlement plans of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that they constitute a flagrant violation of international resolutions.

A statement issued by the Assembly  stated, “We condemn in the strongest terms the Zionist settlement plan, which aims to build more settlement units, in addition to infrastructure and other projects over the next five years, through which the occupation forces aim to attract new batches of Zionist settlers to double their numbers and settle them on the occupied Syrian Golan.”

Syria condemns dangerous and unprecedented escalation by Israeli occupation authorities in Golan

On December 27thSyria strongly condemned the dangerous and unprecedented escalation by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan

Syria condemned the Israeli observance and immunity practices and violations, which are considered war crimesThe latest one was the Israeli prime minister’s meeting with his government in the occupied Golan. 

People of occupied Golan confirm their continuation of the struggle to thwart Israeli settlement plans

The people of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan renewed their condemnation of the Israeli settlement plans in the Golan, stressing their continuation in the struggle to thwart those plans aimed at forcibly displacing its people, bulldozing villages and towns and establishing settlements on them

In a statement to a SANA reporter, Madian al-Damaqi confirmed that the Golan has been and is still Arab and SyrianThe sons of Golanwho overthrew the plans of the occupation over the past 54 years on its land will eliminate any new scheme that affects its identity, and any settlement endeavor that successive occupation authorities are trying to impose. 

People's Assembly Speaker Sabbagh: Syrian Citizens of Occupied Golan Adhere to The Syrian National Identity in Face of Zionist Occupation Practices

People’s Assembly Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh reiterated that the Syrian citizens of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan are totally adherent to the national responsibility entrusted to them in facing the practices of the usurping Zionist occupation entity. Golan Syrian citizens are adherent to their Syrian Arab identity. The Syrian citizens of Golan reject the Israeli methods out of their confidence that the day of liberation will be inevitably coming.

In a speech marking the forty-year anniversary of the ominous decision of the Zionist entity to annex the occupied Syrian Arab Golan during the People's Assembly session of today, Speaker Sabbagh stressed that the struggle of the Syrian Arab people who are determined to restore the entire territory of the Golan and ti liberate the detainees from the prisons of the occupation.

Al-Maqt: The people of the occupied Syrian Golan will continue to struggle until Golan is liberated and returned to the homeland

The Dean of the liberated Syrian prisoners, Sidqi Al-Maqt, reiterated that our people in the occupied Syrian Golan will continue their resistance and struggle to confront the aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation until the Golan is entirely liberated and returned to the homeland, Syria.

In an interview with the Syrian Channel on the 40th anniversary of the illegal annexation decision, Al-Maqt stated that the occupied Golan is an integral part of Syria, and Golan people affirm every day their adherence to their land and their Syrian Arab identity, and that Golan will remain Arab and Syrian while all measures of the Israeli occupation are worthless, null and void.