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People of occupied Golan affirm their Syrian Arab identity

Damascus, (ST) - Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that “the Golan was and will remain Arab and Syrian”. They renew since , the decision issued “40” years ago by the Israeli occupation to annex the occupied Syrian Golan, their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity and their continuation to confront all practices of the occupation until the liberation of the Golan and its complete return to the homeland.

People in occupied Syrian Golan reaffirm rejection of the Israeli scheme to build settlements on their lands

People in the occupied Syrian Golan have reaffirmed their rejection of the Israeli occupation's settlement building scheme in Golan, reiterating that they will not allow the occupation to seize their lands and will continue resisting the occupation's attempts to displace them.

The Israeli occupation's announced plan to build two new settlement outposts, that include 12,000 settlement units on the land of the occupied Syrian Golan, aims at increasing the number of Israeli settlers in occupied Golan and at making a demographic change in this Syrian land, said the people in Golan, stressing that this plan will not pass and it is doomed to failure.

The United Nations reaffirms the invalidity of the Israeli occupation measures in the Syrian Golan and calls for their cessation

New York (ST): The United Nations General Assembly once again adopted a resolution confirming that all measures taken or to be taken by the Israeli occupation entity with the aim of changing the character and legal status of the Syrian Golan are null and void and constitute a flagrant violation of international law.

Material damage caused by explosion of device in a private car in countryside of Quneitra

An explosive device went off in a private car in the village of Mmtna in Quneitra countryside, causing damage to the car.

A source in Quneitra governorate told SANA reporter that an explosive device planted by unknown persons in a private car parked in the village of Mmtna in the middle countryside of Quneitra exploded this morning, which led to the destruction of the vehicle without causing any injuries.


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Syrian Citizens of occupied Golan:Our land is Arab

Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that “the Golan was and will remain Arab and Syrian”. The citizens added that "the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly call for a complete withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from Golan".
Golan citizens stressed their firm stance in confronting the occupation which is short of legitimacy. The released prisoner, Bishr al-Maqt,stated that the whole world rejects the measures taken by the Zionist entity on the occupied Golan, adding: “Our confidence remains in our people and our wise leadership represented by President Bashar al-Assad and our Syrian Arab Army, the maker of victory and the hope of the Syrians to liberate the Golan.”