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Palestinian delegation in occupied Syrian Golan in a solidarity visit

A high ranking Palestinian delegation on Saturday visited the occupied Syrian Golan within the framework of the Syrian-Palestinian solidarity in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Members of the delegation, which was led by Secretary of Central Committee of Fatah Movement Jibril Al-Rajjoub, met with a number of national figures in the occupied Syrian village of Baq'ata. They affirmed the Palestinian people's rejection of the conspiracy hatched against Syria because of its strong support for the Palestinian cause, reiterating the solidarity of the Palestinian people with their Syrian brothers in the face of terrorism and division schemes.

The guest delegation comprised the Palestinian Information Minister Ahmad Assaf, Minister of Sport Issam Qaddoumi, the Palestinian Ambassador in Damascus Sameer Al-Rifa'I and a number of Palestinian leading figures.

The Palestinian Information Minister Ahmad Assaf said "when I visit the Golan, I realize how patriotic the people in this region are. Their national belongingness and strong adherence to their land is confirmed day after day."

The Syrian Golan is the home of the oldest sculpture in the world

The Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel since 1967, has a unique  cultural history dating back to the Paleolithic era.  The numerous artifacts document the existence of 170 archaeological sites in the  occupied Golan and prove that fine art has deep roots in that region, as archaeological findings indicate that the Syrian Golan is the home of the first attempts of plastic art in the world.

“The statue discovered in Golan represents the oldest creative sculpture work in the world and the oldest evidence to the emergence of the art of sculpture in this area”, Syrian historian, Dr. Mahmoud El-Sayyed, from the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM), said, according to a report published recently by SANA Arabic.

He indicated that this statue confirms that the symbolic expression in humans appeared at an early age of  the history of human life and that “Homo-Erectus” ( an extinct species of archaic human from the Pleistocene, with its earliest occurrence about 2 million years ago)  knew plastic art. This fact goes in contrary with some archaeologists' belief that the birth of plastic art had come in the last stages of the Neanderthal era, and that the art of sculpture preceded the art of painting.

The statue was discovered in 1981 in an archaeological site in Lake Ram area in the occupied Syrian Golan during the illegal excavations carried out  by the Zionist occupation.

Condemnation continues on the assassination of the freed prisoner, Medhat Al-Saleh

On October 18thThe Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemned the Israeli enemy's crime of assassinating the liberated prisoner , Medhat Al-Saleh

The Party described the crime as a cowardly act aimed at attempting to break the will of our people to recover every inch of the occupied land. 

In a statement mourning the good martyr, the party stressed that all the bloody crimes and aggressions of the occupation will only increase our determination to continue the resistance until liberation and victory, as it will increase our people in the occupied Syrian Golan clinging to their land and identity and insisting on continuing the struggle until the return of the entire Golan’s soil to the motherland Syria. 

Watan (Homeland) Document Foundation: The martyr Medhat Al-Saleh died in body but remained in spirit and thought

On October 17th, Watan ( Homeland) Document Foundation confirmed that the liberated prisoner Medhat Al-Saleh, who was martyred yesterday as a result of being targeted by the Israeli enemy, left in body but remained in spirit and thought, and his spirit will remain greater than all the tools of the occupation and its criminality.

The people of the Golan describe Israeli occupation’s assassination of Al-Saleh as “ heinous crime”

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN, (ST)_The Syrian people in the occupied Golan condemned on Sunday the Israeli occupation’s assassination of the liberated prisoner Medhat Al-Saleh , asserting that they will continue on their path of  resistance until the liberation of the Golan. 
They described the assassination of Al-Saleh as a heinous and cowardly crime, saying that they were shocked when they read the piece of news about his martyrdom.