The 37th Anniversary of The National Open Strike


On  the 37th anniversary of the national Open Strike by the Syrian Arab Citizens under the yoke of the Israeli occupation in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan on February 14th, 1982, our hero Syrians reiterated that the option of the Resistance against the occupation is the way for the liberation of the occupied Golan.

The steadfast Syrians in the Golan reiterated definite and absolute rejection to the Israeli occupation and to its null, void, and illegitimate practices in the Golan Heights.

Our Syrian compatriots underlined the loyalty of the Golan to the Syrian People, Army, and Leadership in rejection to the present conspiracy and ongoing aggression against Syria, asserting the need to pursue national dialogue and fight against armed terrorist groups in Syria.

UN General Assembly Overwhelmingly Votes in Favor of the Syrians’ Permanent Sovereignty over Occupied Golan's Natural Resources

NEW YORK- The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on the permanent sovereignty of the Syrians over the occupied Syrian Golan natural resources.

The resolution was adopted based on the recommendations of the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) as 159 states voted in favor of the resolution and only 7 states voted against it while 13 states abstained from voting, according to SANA.

Through its resolution, the General Assembly reaffirmed the inalienable rights of the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan to sovereign over their natural resources including the land, water and energy resources.

People of Occupied Syrian Golan Reject Israeli Occupation's Plan to Implement Wind Turbines Project on Their Land

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN – The people of the occupied Syrian Golan reiterated their rejection of all plans by the Israeli occupation to Judaize their land and displace them, particularly the recent wind turbines project that the occupation intends to implement on their farmlands, SANA reported.

The locals affirmed that they reject building the turbines as they will have a very negative impact on agriculture, the environment, and livestock, particularly since 60% of them rely on cultivating apples and cherries, and the turbines are a big threat to their crops.

Israel, Its Settlers Must Leave Occupied Syrian Golan Sooner or Later: Munzer

NEW YORK, (ST)- Syria stresses its nonnegotiable and unwavering right to sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan to the June 4th 1967, Acting charge d’affairs of Syria’s Permanent Delegation at the UN Munzer Munzer has underscored, affirming that the occupied Syrian lands and usurped rights will entirely return to Syria and that Israel and the Israeli settlers must leave the occupied Golan sooner or later.

Dean of Syrian Detainees


The hero Sudqi al-Maqt is an example to be followed by all freedom fighters all over the world. Al-Maqt has been defying all the racist oppressive measures  taken by the Israeli forces of occupation with the aim of bringing him to his knees and end his resistance, steadfastness and loyalty to his people and homeland.  The Zionist regime has aggravated its repressive measures against al-Maqt and his colleagues, because of his role in disclosing the relationship between the armed terrorist groups operating in Syria and the Zionist entity and the unlimited support offered by the Israeli government to terrorists, especially weapons and medical equipment. The new unfair sentence against the Syrian prisoner al-Maqt is the subsequent of his role in unveiling the involvement of the Israeli occupation authorities in providing arms, health services and financial support to the armed terrorist groups, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra, in Syria.

On October 9th, 2018, the so-called Israeli High Court of Justice issued a verdict which supports al-Jalil Court’s sentence of 14-years imprisonment against the dean of the Syrian and Arab detainees in the Israeli jails, Sudqi al-Maqt, from Majdal Shams town in the occupied Syrian Golan who was re-detained by the Israeli authorities on February 25th, 2015, after he had already spent 27 years in Israeli prisons without any moral or legal justification.

The sentence constitutes a new legal scandal to be added to Israeli entity’s long record of war crimes and violations of the international law and the international humanitarian law and international human rights law as well as the UN Security Council Resolution No. 497 which prevents Israeli entity from taking punitive measures against the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan.