Our people in the occupied Syrian Golan mourn Lebanese freedom fighter and political thinker, Anis Al-Nakqash

Qenitra,(ST)- Syrians in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan mourned the Lebanese freedom fighter and political thinker Anis Al-Nakqash, who passed away yesterday in a hospital in Damascus at the age of 70.

A telegram of condolences from the people of the occupied Golan said, “The  Arab nation was sad today with the departure of a nationalist fighter who never left the trench and fought the whole nation’s battles with words and arms, and was among the most  loyal to Syria in its war against terrorism.”

Working on the libration of Syrian citizens from Israeli prisons

Damascus,(ST)-Within the framework of the Syrian state’s keenness to liberate its citizens from the detention camps of the Israeli occupation by all possible means and costs, work is underway to free Syrian citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan from the prisons of the Israeli occupation.

According to the sources, the exchange process is currently taking place through Russian mediation to liberate the Syrians, Nihal al-Maqt and Thiyab Kahmuz, the Syrian captive from the occupied Syrian Golan, in an exchange process with  an Israeli girl who entered the Syrian lands by mistake in Quneitra region, and was arrested by the competent Syrian authorities.

Haifaa Mafalani

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon: The occupied Golan is a Syrian land and resistance to the Zionist occupation is legitimate

On February 14th, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon affirmed that the steadfastness of the people of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and their resistance to the Israeli occupation is legitimate 

On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive national strike waged by the people of the Golan on 14th February 1982 to reject the invalid annexation decision, the party issued a statement saying “The February 14 uprising constituted one of the stations of steadfastness through which the people of the Golan expressed their will to resist the occupation and adhere to their identity.” 

Golan's citizens: Syrian national flag will be raised in the Golan sooner or later

QUNEITRA, (ST)_ Citizens of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan on Sunday asserted that they will go ahead with confronting the Israeli occupation authorities' expansion plans.

In commemoration of the 39th anniversary of their historic strike against the decision of the Israeli occupation authority to annex the Golan, and in affirmation of their belonging to their homeland Syria and their rejection of the occupation, the Golan's citizens gathered in Majdal Shams town, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

People of Golan look back upon anniversary of annexation decision by adhering to Syrian national identity and confronting occupation plans

Our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan renewed their adherence to their Syrian Arab national identity and their continuous confrontation of  all practices of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Golan until its liberation.

On the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive national strike against the ill-fated Israeli annexation decision, our people in the Golan confirmed their continued resistance and struggle to confront all the plans of the occupation entity and stand with the Syrian Arab Army until the liberation of the entire territory of the occupied Golan.