Our people in Golan insist on resisting Israeli occupation and its plans

Our people in the occupied Syrian Golan today commemorate the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive strike against the invalid Israeli occupation’s decision to annex the Golan.   They go on strike as an annual national tradition through which they affirm their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and their struggle and confrontation of  all Israeli settlement plans in the occupied Golan until the liberation of its entire territory and its return to the homeland.

The Israeli Knesset issued a decision on December 14, 1981 to annex the occupied Golan and impose Israeli laws on its people. Then,  our people in the occupied Golan went on a    strike on the 14th  of February 1982 when they confronted the ill-fated decision of the Israeli occupation Knesset. Since then they have been carrying out an open strike to reject the imposition of the "Israeli identity" and the invalid annexation decision, and to confirm their adherence to their national identity. They express their continuous struggle in the face of the arbitrary occupation measures until the liberation of the Golan Heights and the return to the homeland of Syria.

Al-Awda Valley(Valley of Return) is embodiment of humanitarian epic and historical struggle

Al-Awda Valley in the liberated area of the lands of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan is an embodiment of a humanitarian epic and a historical struggle that has refused division and stood in the face of the occupation, blocking its arrogance from one side and proving to the homeland its steadfastness from the other.

In the area overlooking the village of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, specifically in Ain Al-Tineh, the liberated part of it, SANA  met Dr. Samir Abu Saleh, one of the locals. He began his speech by referring to his family's house located a few meters away, separating him from it is a barbed wire planted by the arrogant occupation that prevented him from contacting his family and from reaching the land that embraced his childhood and memories.

Arnous meets a delegation from the occupied Syrian Golan

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister Hussein Arnous on Monday received a delegation representing the people in the occupied Syrian Golan. 

The delegation handed the prime minister the national document of the Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan that affirms their continuous resistance and struggle against the aggressive plans of the Zionist occupation until Golan is liberated and that emphasizes their adherence to the national principles and the Syrian Arab identity. 

Arnous said that the Syrian people are proud of the sacrifices of the people in the occupied Golan and their adherence to their national identity and land, pointing out that “our people in the occupied Golan insists on not ceding an inch of their sacred soil and on resisting the Zionist occupation’s schemes against them, most recent of which was the occupation’s plan to set up wind turbines on their farmlands.”

Syria renews call for enforcing the implementation of the Resolution No. 497 on occupied Syrian Golan

Syria has renewed its call on the Security Council to act immediately as to enforce the implementation of the Resolution No. 497 of 1981 and force the Israeli occupation entity to stop its illegal settlement activities and repressive procedures against the people in the occupied Syrian Golan and to withdraw from the entire Golan to the June 4th 1967 line.

Resolution 497 (1981) reaffirms that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible in accordance with the United Nations Charter, the principles of international law, and relevant Security Council resolutions.

The 39th anniversary of the Israeli occupation's ill-famed decision to annex the Syrian Golan

December 14th marks the 39th anniversary of the ill-famed Israeli decision to annex the occupied Syrian Golan. People in the occupied Syrian Golan mark this anniversary every year to affirm that they will continue to be adherent to the Syrian national identity, that the Golan will continue to be a Syrian Arab land and that the Israeli annexation decision is null and void.

Since 1981, the people in the occupied Syrian Golan confronted the Israeli occupation’s arbitrary measures and thwarted the implementation of the administrative rules of this vicious decision by adhering to the "National Document" that they issued on March 25th, 1981, and by affirming that the occupied Golan is an integral part of Syria and that the Syrian Arab nationality is an inherent characteristic that never disappears.

On February 14th, 1982, the people in the occupied Golan carried out a national strike that lasted for six months in protest against the Israeli occupation’s annexation decision and attempts to impose the "Israeli identity". During this period, the Syrian Golan witnessed massive demonstrations against the occupation’s practices during which the citizens managed to impose their will which absolutely rejects this racist decision.