Al-Muqt: "US Caesar Act" targets the steadfastness of the Syrian people

The freed prisoner Sedqi Al-Muqt, resident of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, has said that the US and the western coercive economic measures, including the so-called "Caesar Act",  that are being imposed on Syria target the people of Syria and their steadfastness in fighting terrorism. 

The occupation authorities issued an unjust sentence of 3 years in prison for Nihal Suleiman Al-Muqt

Quneitra,(ST)-Last night, the Israeli occupation authorities issued an unfair prison sentence for 3 years against the activist Nihal Suleiman Al-Muqt sister of the freed prisoner Sidqi Al-Muqt, resident of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan.

This ruling is a continuation of the oppressive and arbitrary practices against the occupied Golan and as a punishment for their national stances and their adherence to their land, belonging and Syrian identity, which was confirmed by the liberated prisoner, Sheikh Suleiman al-Muqt, Nahal’s father, in a telephone conversation with the Sana office in Quneitra, saying that "this ruling is null and illegal because it was issued by the occupation authority, It is illegal and comes in revenge for our national stances towards the occupied Golan and the issue of the heroic prisoners in his detention".

Citizens of Quneitra and Golan: Terrorist war and economic blockade will not affect, but increase commitment to Homeland

Quneitra, (ST)_Citizens of Quneitra and Golan affirmed that the years-long terrorist war launched by the US administration on Syria and the economic war on the livelihood of the Syrians under the so-called “Caesar act” will not affect, but increase their commitment to  their homeland.
A gathering in the town of Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra was held as participants stressed the that the Syrian people who foiled dozens of the American plots in the past will foil today the so-called “Caesar act” that targets the Syrian citizens in their livelihood and medicine.
The participants stressed that the attempts of the US and its allies to strike the Syrian economy through manipulation of the currency exchange rate will be doomed to failure.

General Conference of the Arab Parties stresses the inevitability of liberating Golan from Israeli occupation

Beirut (ST): The General Secretariat of the General Conference of the Arab Parties affirmed its complete rejection of the US decision related to the occupied Syrian Arab Golan stressing the Syrian Arab identity of the Golan which will be liberated from occupation.
In a statement released on the 72nd Nakba anniversary, the General Secretariat denounced the US policies and the tight economic blockade being imposed on Syria and Iran and all states in the axis of resistance with the aim of weakening them and preserving the so-called security of the Zionist entity.

On Martyrs' Day, people in occupied Syrian Golan are more determined to continue defending Syria's sacred soil, dignity

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Marking Martyrs' Day, people in the occupied Syrian Golan have reaffirmed their adherence to their homeland and their determination to offer sacrifices in defense of Syria's sacred soil and dignity.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Golanese said, addressing the Syrians countrywide, that the anniversary of Martyrs' Day, which falls on May 6th every year, comes while victorious Syria is still offering martyrs in defense of the entire Arab nation."

"Convoys of martyrs have never stopped since the beginning of the occupation of Syrian territories, mainly the Golan, the dear part of the homeland, which has been in the forefront in defense of Syria since the Ottoman occupation followed by the French colonialism and the Zionist occupation," People in the Golan stressed.