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On Evacuation Day: People in Occupied Syrian Golan stress their continuous struggle against the Israeli occupation until libration

 The people in the occupied Syrian Golan reiterated their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity and stressed that they will continue the struggle against the Israeli schemes that aim at falsifying the Syrian history, geography, identity and belonging.

In a statement issued on Friday marking Syria's Evacuation Day (Independence Day), the people of Golan said that "Golan will continue forever to be a Syrian land with a Syrian identity and history, and our resistance against the Israeli occupation will continue until liberation.”

Mother in occupied Syrian Golan is lady of land and partner of struggle

Women in the occupied Syrian Golan have  played pivotal role in struggle and resistance and in confronting the occupiers due to their will and resilience. 

The struggle of women in the occupied Syrian Golan is historical and deeply rooted. Syria was not immune to the ambitions of the colonial powers in all ancient, modern and contemporary periods, according to Dr. Hasna Nasr Al-Hussein, a researcher in political history and international relations.

Dashti: International community must stop the occupation's violations against the people of the occupied Golan

Geneva (ST): The President of the International Council for Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights, Abdul Hamid Dashti affirmed that the Israeli occupation continues its violations and aggressive practices against the Palestinian people and the people of the occupied Syrian Golan, calling on the international community to take the necessary measures to stop these violations that go against  international law and relevant UN resolutions.

In an intervention he made during the forty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council on the seventh item on the human rights situation in Palestine and the other occupied Arab territories, Dashti said that the whole world has affirmed on several occasions that the Golan is a Syrian Arab land under occupation and that the United Nations, with all its bodies, must provide the necessary support to the Syrian people who are determined to use their right to respond to the repeated aggression to liberate the occupied Golan very soon, in accordance with the United Nations Charter and international legitimacy resolutions.

Fighter Nihal Al-Maqt confirms that steadfastness of women of occupied Syrian Golan is an example of Syrian woman in her struggle

Fighter Nihal Al-Maqt, daughter of the occupied Syrian Golan, confirmed that the commitment of  the  women of the Golan  to the soil and their steadfastness alongside men in resisting the Israeli occupation constituted an example for Syrian women in their struggle and steadfastness.

The daughter of the occupied town of Majdal Shams said, "Women in the world struggle and sacrifice for their rights and their children. But women in the occupied Syrian Golan and all the occupied lands struggle on several fronts. She noted that she was side by side with the man in resisting the Israeli occupation. So she was the martyr, the captive, the mother of the martyr, the captive's mother, the prisoner's sister, the martyr's wife, and the prisoner's wife.

People of occupied Syrian Golan commemorate the 34th anniversary of the martyrdom of Ghalia Farhat

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN,(ST)_The people of the occupied Syrian Golan have reiterated their adherence to their Syrian nationality and their steadfastness in confronting the Israeli occupation authorities' aggressive practices.
In a statement released on Monday on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Golan citizen Ghalia Farhat, the occupied Golan's people said: " For more than half century,  the people of the occupied Golan have confronted the occupation's practices and Judaization plots and have foiled them thanks to the people's sacrifices."