(300 Al -Wadi Campaign)… A contribution to tackle Coronavirus

HOMS-(ST), Within the framework of its humanitarian and national duty and social responsibility and aiming  at assisting the state and citizens in confronting corona virus, Al-Hawash Private University, in cooperation with Dr. Amjad Ayoub, General Manager of Al-Mashreq Industrial Company, recently launched, (300 Al-Wadi Campaign).

300 young men and women  , students, professors, and employees at Al-Hawash Private University and its hospital, in addition to a number of volunteers from  Wadi al-Nadarah region, participated in this campaign, through 3 teams.

The first team is the awareness team which is made up of 100 volunteers, as the university has conducted training courses for them in this field, their mission is to educate the local community about the novel Corona virus, the ways to prevent it  and limit its spread.

The second team is the investigation and treatment team: it is composed of 100 specialists (doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses) working in Al-Hawash private University and its university hospital in addition to volunteers from Wadi al-Nadarah region.  Their mission is to investigate persons suspected of being infected, to admit them to the Dr. Farzat Ayoub University Hospital which is equipped with 10 beds of intensive care with the access to 200 isolated beds when needed, 3 ambulances, an oxygen generation plant with a capacity of 25 cylinders per day to support the rest of the hospitals in the region, a CT scan and 2500 rapid kits for coronavirus testing from China.

The third team is the logistic support team, which is composed of 100 volunteers, whose mission is: to provide sterilization materials, medical masks to all homes in the vicinity of Wadi Al Nadarah and its surroundings, where 50,000 medical masks and 10,000 packages of alcoholic sterilizers (touch) were delivered.

They also provide food baskets and  medicines for the families whose daily breadwinners were forced to stay at home, and for the people who may become ill.

Members of the team, in cooperation with the competent authorities, also delivered sterilization materials and masks  to the  members of the army,  the armed forces, and the internal security forces operating in Talkalakh region.

More than 60 villages in the Talkalakh area of Homs Governorate have been covered by this campaign.

Amal Farhatv

Corona virus harvests more lives in various parts of the world

WHO demands governments to take strict measures against Corona virus

Geneva (ST): Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  demanded that the governments of the states infected with corona virus should take strict measures, stressing that the current measures were not sufficient to overcome the spread of the pandemic.

 In a press conference, he made today, Ghebreyesus said that asking people to stay at home and the measures taken to halt their movements would not end the pandemic. However, he added, that medical isolation and limiting people's movement are the best way to limit the spread of the pandemic

He went on to say that re-opening schools and resuming  the work sector is the last thing that should be done by states, because they would be obliged to close them again when the virus returns.

Iran: Number of deaths and patients with the Corona virus are decreasing

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani confirmed that the number of deaths and patients with the Corona virus has decreased.

During the meeting of the National Committee to Combat Corona Virus, Rouhani stressed the need to apply the instructions and prohibit gatherings and not to leave the house.

Rouhani thanked the health and medical personnel efforts in fighting the virus and treating the infected.


The Ministry of Health: No suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus during the past 24 hours

The Ministry of Health confirmed that all laboratory analyzes of suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus during the past 24 hours were negative.

The media office in the Ministry of Health said that the Ministry will announce any case of infection with the Corona virus if it happens.

All should apply the government instructions and avoid crowded places, the media office added.

It is to be mentioned that the Ministry of Health announced two days ago, that it recorded the first case of Corona virus infection for a twenty-year-old girl coming from outside the country.