Syria Coronavirus: 358 cases and 13 deaths

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Ministry of Health has announced that 20 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Syria for persons who were in close contact with other infected ones, while 3 patients have recovered and 3 others have died.

The ministry said in a statement released today that the total number of infections in Syria reached 358, of which 126 have recovered and 3 cases have died.

WHO halts hydroxychloroquine, HIV drugs in COVID trials after failure to reduce death

GENEVA, (ST) - The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that it was discontinuing its trials of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and combination HIV drug lopinavir/ritonavir in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 after they failed to reduce mortality.

The setback came as the WHO also reported more than 200,000 new cases globally of the disease for the first time in a single day. The United States accounted for 53,213 of the total 212,326 new cases recorded on Friday, the WHO said.

Health Ministry: 19 new COVID-19 cases have reported, 3 patients have recovered

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Health Ministry on Thursday announced that 19 new coronavirus cases were reported among people who had been in close contact with infected persons, raising the number of infections in Syria to 312.

It added that 3 patients recovered thus raising the number of recoveries to 113.

The Ministry clarified, in a statement to SANA, that the number of infected persons has become 312 ,of which 113 have recovered and 9 have passed away.

The first Coronavirus case in Syria was registered on March 22nd for a person who had come from abroad, while the first death case was registered on 29th of the same month.

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New department for manufacturing tablets and capsules at al-Dimas medicine factory

Damascus Countryside (ST): The Minister of Health Dr. Nizar Yaziji was briefed on the final preparations for opening a new department for manufacturing tablets and capsules at al-Dimas Factory for pharmaceutical industries.

In a statement, Dr. Yaziji said that the new department, which will start production next September, in proof continuous development of the Syrian pharmaceutical industry despite the difficult circumstances Syria passed through, noting that there are about 96 medicine factories working to meet citizens' needs and export various kinds of medicine to 16 states in the world.

Health Ministry: 10 new Coronavirus cases registered, 3 patients recovered

The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that 10 new COVID-19 cases have been reported, while 3 patients have recovered.

The total number of infections in Syria has risen to 279, and the recoveries  reached 105.  

Basma Qaddour