Corona virus kills more than 4 million and 642 thousand people around the world

Capitals (ST): The Corona virus has claimed the lives of more than four million and 642 thousand people around the world since its outbreak began in December 2019, according to the latest statistics from the American World Meters website.

80,000 people received the vaccine against Corona in the national campaign

Damascus (ST): About 80,000 people have received the Corona vaccine so far as part of the national campaign launched by the Ministry of Health on the fifth of this September and will continue until the sixteenth of it, with more than 400 approved centers and mobile teams in various governorates.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabash, said in a statement to reporters after a tour on a number of approved centers for the vaccine in Damascus and its countryside that the ministry had identified 210 approved centers within health centers and 41 hospitals, in addition to 200 mobile teams distributed in most governorates, especially in the northern and northeastern regions and hard-to-reach places to give the vaccine.

Launch of national vaccination campaign against Corona through 200 health centers and hospitals and 177 mobile teams

The national vaccination campaign against Coronavirus, launched by the Ministry of Health, began today in various governorates, targeting all citizens over the age of 18.

Those wishing to take the vaccine can first register on the special platform to receive the vaccination on the official website of the Ministry of Health and then go to any of the health centers or to one of the mobile teams located at fixed points designated for the campaign without waiting for a message setting an appointment. Those previously registered who did not receive the message can go immediately to mobile centers or teams.

Head of the Health Care Directorate, Dr. Razan Tarabishi noted that the campaign will continue until the 16th  of September, underlining the importance of benefiting from the campaign to receive the vaccine and spread awareness of its necessity.

Health Ministry launches anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign

The Syrian Health Ministry is due on Sunday to launch a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 that lasts until September 16th. Vaccines will be provided through medical centers and mobile healthcare teams in different provinces.

According to a statement posted on the ministry’s platforms on the internet, the campaign targets all citizens above the age of 18 in all the Syrian governorates.

 Those wishing to be vaccinated must first register in the platform specialized for vaccination and then go to the vaccination center without waiting for a letter specifying a date, the ministry said, noting the availability of qualified health staff to assess the health condition of the persons before giving them the vaccine.

The ministry clarified that people, who showed allergy to a previous vaccine dose and those with severely illness as well as pregnant and lactating women can’t have the vaccine.

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad visits the child, MurtedaKinar after his recovery from a complicated bone marrow/stem cell transplant

Damascus, (ST) –  Murtada Kinar (9 year-s old) recovered after a complicated transplant procedure  of blood stem cells.

According to the medical team, the operation was successful as it allowed the re formation of the bone-marrow, and thus the re-production of white blood cells, hemoglobin and platelets.

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad visited on Wednesday the child at his house in Damascus countryside checking on his health, sharing his happiness and listening to his tales about what he had lived through during the period of the operation.