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Corona deaths around the world exceed two million and 440 thousand

Coronavirus has killed two million and 441,044 people around the world since it began spreading in December of 2019.

According to the World Meters site, the total number of Corona infections around the world has reached 110 million and 435,807, while 85 million and 328,415 people have recovered from it.

In the United States, a total of 28 million 453526 cases were recorded, while the total deaths reached 502,544 cases, to remain at the forefront of countries in terms of the number of deaths and infections with the virus.

 In India, the total number of infections  reached 10 million and 950201 and the deaths 156038 cases,  while the number of people recovering reached ten million and 656,845 people.

In Brazil, the total number of infections  increased to 9 million 979276, deaths to 242178 cases, while the number of people recovered reached 8 million and 950 450 people.

O. al-Mohammad