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Egypt is seeking to obtain 100 million doses of Corona vaccines

The Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced that the government is working to expand the circle of obtaining Coronavirus vaccines, explaining that the goal is to obtain 100 million doses.

Zayed explained during a press conference held today that registration will be opened for citizens to receive vaccines starting next week, noting that vaccinations have been given to medical teams who are working in the Ministry of Health, the armed forces, police and universities facing the Corona pandemic. Work continues to provide vaccines to the rest of the medical staff all over the country.

The Minister of Health indicated that the scientific committee that monitors vaccines is working closely to follow up the effectiveness, and it is a scientific committee that includes many bodies to determine vaccine priorities.

The number of Coronavirus infections in Egypt reached 17,543 cases, including 137,294 cases that were cured and 10298 deaths.

Sanaa Hasan