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Syrian, Russian physicians discuss cooperation on providing Syria with prostheses

A team of Syrian physicians is currently on a several-day visit to Moscow with the aim of enhancing Syrian-Russian medical cooperation. The team met on Friday with the physicians of the Federal Medical Biophysical Center to discuss providing Syria with prostheses and helping the Syrian health system in surpassing the impacts of the terrorist war that has been hitting the country.

The Zvezda TV Channel, run by the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that a delegation of Syrian physicians from Tishreen Military Hospital and Al-Assad University Hospital visited the Federal Medical Biophysical Center in Moscow and took part in conducting prostheses fitting operations there.

Mufeed Darweeish, Director of Tishreen Hospital, told Zvezda TV that the delegation participated in a surgery to replace prostheses and discussed several issues relating to assisting Syria in securing prostheses and recovering the Syrian healthcare system which has been damaged massively due to the terrorist war on Syria."

Health Minister reviews with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross the work of the Committee in Syria

Damascus (ST): The Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Ghobash discussed with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, and his accompanying delegation, the committee's work in Syria, and ways to enhance health cooperation.

Dr. Al-Ghobash stressed the need for the Committee to raise the degree of coordination in the health field with the ministry to achieve a better and faster response, especially in dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, pointing to the importance of raising the voice in order to end the economic blockade and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria that affect the citizen in his health and livelihood.

Ambassador Haddad: Syria receives a new batch of (Sputnik v) vaccine in April

On March 24th, the Syrian ambassador to Moscow Dr. Riyad Haddad announced that Syria will receive a new batch of the Russian “Sputnik v” vaccine against the Coronavirus next April.

Haddad stated to TASS that Syria has begun the vaccination process with the "Sputnik V" vaccine, and it has started with health sector workers in hospitals and health centers that deal with those infected with the virus.

Haddad added that the Syrian Ministry of Health has informed the Russian side of its readiness to provide it with additional doses of the vaccine, which may arrive during next April.

On March 23rd, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 160 new cases of Coronavirus in Syria, the recovery of 101 cases and the death of 8 of the recorded infections.

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Directors of Damascus and Mouwasat Hospitals: Medicines for Corona patients are available and there is no shortage of oxygen

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Health has confirmed the full readiness of its health cadres and hospitals in responding to the Corona pandemic and providing the care needed for Covid 19 patients, especially in  providing oxygen.

According to a ministry statement published today, most hospitals have a backup oxygen tank, and some have oxygen generating stations, and when the demand increases, the immediate response is to secure cylinders or individual oxygen generating devices to ensure that no shortage occurs.

The director of the Damascus Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Abbas, explained that the number of visitors to the hospital with suspected symptoms has increased, confirming the readiness of the health personnel who have had sufficient experience to deal with all cases.

Corona virus kills more than two million and 727 thousand people around the world

The new Corona virus has killed more than two million and 727 thousand people around the world since its appearance in December 2019 until now, according to the latest statistics of the American World Meters site.

According to the site run by developers and operators, the total number of infections reached 123839003, and the total death toll has reached 2727153, while the total cases of recovery from the virus have reached 99731664 cases.

The United States continues to lead the countries most affected by the virus in terms of deaths and injuries, with 555,296 deaths out of 30519314 infections, followed by Brazil, with 29,042 deaths out of 11998,233 infections, and India third, with 16,0003 deaths out of 116,45719 injuries.


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