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Corona infections around the world exceed115 million

On March 4th, the number of Coronavirus infections around the world increased to 115 million and 779777.

According to the latest statistics published by the World Meters website, the number of deaths from the disease reached two million and 572006. 91 million and 483468 recoveries.

India recorded 17,407 new infections with the virus, bringing the total number to 11 million and 156,923, while the number of deaths reached 157,435, after a daily increase of 89 cases.

In South Korea, the number of infections rose to 91,240 after 424 new infections were recorded, while the number of deaths increased to 1619, with seven new cases recorded.


O. al-Mohammad

National anti-polio vaccination campaign to kick off next Sunday

The Health Ministry is getting ready to launch its first national anti-polio vaccination campaign for 2021, targeting children under the age of 5 regardless of the previous vaccinations they underwent.

The campaign will start next Sunday- March 7- and will last until March 11. It will be implemented in the health centers in different provinces and through mobile vaccination teams, taking the anti-Coronavirus precautionary measures into consideration.

The vaccination is safe and free and the campaign targets about 2.8 million children in different Syrian provinces, according to the ministry.

After Lebanon, China donates to Iraq 50 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine

On Tuesday dawn, 50 thousand doses of Coronavirus vaccine arrived to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as a gift from the Chinese government.

According to media sources, an Iraqi military plane arrived from China carrying 50,000 doses of (Sinopharma) vaccine as a gift from China, provided that Iraq would receive other paid payments.

Iraqi Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi said during a press conference at Baghdad International Airport: "It was agreed with the Chinese ambassador to Iraq to supply two million doses of (Sinopharma) vaccine in an urgent manner."

Earlier, the Chinese ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Qijian, tweeted that “at the request of the Lebanese side, the Chinese government decided to donate 50,000 doses of  “Sinopharm” vaccine to Lebanon to help it fight the Corona epidemic.”

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The Ministry of Health continues giving Covid-19 vaccine to frontline health workers

The Ministry of Health continues for the second day to administer the "Covid 19" vaccine to health cadres who work on the frontlines within the health centers for treating "Covid 19" patients in different governorates.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Al-Ghobash, stated to SANA that the most vulnerable groups, who work in isolation centers, are currently being vaccinated, and the priority will be given for the elderly age group due to the limited supplies.

WHO: Less than 10 percent of the world's population has acquired immunity to Corona

Geneva (ST): The World Health Organization has announced that less than 10 percent of the world's population has acquired immunity to the Coronavirus.

During an interview with the WHO chief scientist  Sumaya Sfaminan, broadcast on Twitter today, she said that the WHO is following studies analyzing hotspots of the virus in some cities of the world and although there are research results showing that more than half of the population of some cities has acquired immunity against the virus, but it is premature to talk about herd immunity.