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By breaking the world record in the side push up exercise, Syrian student is eligible to enter the Guinness Book of Records

On December 20, Mohamed Abdel-Qader Faiddou, a second year student at the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen University, managed to set a new world record that qualifies him to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the lateral push up exercise (Archer Push Ups).

Faiddou was able to record sixty-four lateral push ups within one minute, surpassing the previous world record recorded of fifty-five .


After breaking the record on Al-Bassel Amphitheater at the Faculty of Science at Tishreen University, Faiddou affirmed that this achievement was done by effort,  and determination to raise the name of Syria in international forums. 

Faiddou said that he will continue training to achieve more .

In his turn, the father of the student, Abdul Qadir Faydo, referred to the support provided by Tishreen University in general and his son’s college in particular to enable his son to achieve this record.

 The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen University, Dr. Bilal Mahmoud pointed out that the college takes care of its students and supports them to achieve such great accomplishments.

Dr. Mahmoud called for forming teams in various games from college students to be a companion to our national teams so that they have the opportunity to participate on the global level and achieve more achievements.

Student Abdullah Sakati from the same college broke the world record last year in the same exercise, but by using two fingers.

O. al-Mohammad