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Equestrian Republic Cup Championship concludes

Equestrian Republic Cup Championship, which was held by the Equestrian Federation in Dimas in Rural Damascus, has concluded.

Muhammad Jubrani from the Spirit team Club won the High class title (140 cm), while Laith Al-Ali from the Army Club won the title of (135 cm class) and Sham Al-Assad from the Team Spirit Club won the title of (125 cm class). On the other hand  Ahmed Al-Masry from Al-Shorta Club won the Open Class Championship title (115 cm).

As for the smaller category (105 cm, 85 cm), both Ahmed Al-Masry and Amr Al-Ghafir from the Army Club won the title of children's championship.

It is to be mentioned that the tournament competitions in all its categories took place in the arbitration system of two halves asymmetric, where this arbitration type force all knights to pass the two halves of the match and the winners are determined according to the result of the faults of the two halves and the time of the second half.