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Syrian team for special sports wins a gold medal at Fazaa International Athletics Championship in UAE

Syrian special sports player Abdul Hakim Al-Bakr on Saturday wins gold medal in shor put throwing competitions on the last day of the  Fazaa International Athletics Championship in UAE.

This championship is the last stage to gain scores qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

On the second day of the championship, the Syrian team for Special won three silver medals.

The three medals were won by player Mohammad Khaled Mohammad in Javelin throwing after scoring 43,69 meter and by athletes Alaa Abdul Salam and Ali As'ad in shot put throwing competitions.

 On the first day of the championship, the Syrian team won two silver medals and a bronze medal in shot put and discus throwing competitions. Winners  of silver medals were athletes Mohammad Khaled and Abdul Hakim al-Bakr, while the bronze medal went Ali As'ad.

Hamda Mustafa