Alsoma is the third in a referendum for the award of best player in the Arab League

The players from the Syrian National football team, Omar Alsoma , won the third place in the sixth annual referendum organized by the Arab Federation for sports press , based in Amman , for the award of the best player in the Arab League  with the participation of 177 sports journalists representing 18 Arab countries , including Syria

Alsoma , who played with Saudi Alahly , came third in the referendum , after the Tunisian Ali Maaloul "Alahly of Egypt " and the Algerian Bounajah "the Qatari Dam", so that Moroccan Sufian Rahimi "Raja Casablanca " came fourth , and Saudi Salim Aldossari "Alhilal " came fifth

The Egyptian Mohamad Salah "Liverpool of England" won first place in the award for the best Arab player in the world League , followed by the Algerian Riad Muhriz "Manchester city of England "then Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi "Italian Inter Milan " , and Moroccan Yassin Bono " Seville the Spanish " and the Algerian Ismail Bin Nasser "Milan of Italian

At the club level , the Egyptian Alahly club came first followed by the Saudi Alhilal club , then the Egyptian club Zamalek

It is noteworthy that Alsoma was born in Deir Ezzor , March 28,1989.He is considered one of the best players in the Asian continent , and he won the title of top scorer in the Syrian League under the age of 18 with 29 goals, and the Kuwaiti League goal in 2013 with 23 goals , and the Saudi League goal in three consecutive seasons with Alahly club with 22 goals , 27 goals and 24 goals in a row

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