Syria participates in the International Asian Dental Implant Conference

Colombo, (ST) - Syria participated in the the  Asian International  Dental Implant Conference which was held last week in Colombo, Sri lanka  discussing  the basic concepts of adopting  digital technology in dentistry.

With the participation of about 400 doctors from different countries of the world, the conference which lasted three days included about 15 lectures focused on the developments of knowledge and surgical and prosthetic experiences in the field of dental implants and digital technology.

"Syria’s participation in these conferences reflects its scientific development in all fields of  the Dental Implant", the head of dentists of Damascus and the ambassador of the International Council for Dental Implants in Syria, Dr. Rashad Murad Bain, told SANA.

Murad pointed out that the Syrian doctors and researchers are keen to keep the name of their country present in international scientific events despite the unjust and coercive economic measures imposed on Syria and the conditions of war.

The World Dental Implant Council was established in 1972 as a professional, non-profit organization with about 20 thousand members from 72 countries in addition to about 60 professional and international bodies and is the largest professional gathering in the field of dentistry including various activities related to dental implants.

Nada Haj Khidr