Zaid Al-Shorty Hospital in Sweida treats 2,500 cancer patients for free in 2019

Zaid Al-Shorty Hospital in Sweida continues to provide free treatment for cancer patients despite the cost of some doses that reach about two million pounds. The hospital provided 3 thousand doses of chemo therapy last year. The hospital was able to record several cases of recovery.

The head of the hematology and tumor Treatment Division at the hospital, Dr. Mu'nes Abu Mansour, explained that the hospital received 7,853 patients last year, including 2559 cancer patients.


Abu Mansour told Sana that the division provides cancer patients with surgical, chemical and hormonal treatment and personal services such as laboratory and radiological investigations, bone biopsies and consultations.

The head of the division pointed to the provision of three thousand chemical doses, x-rays, eco, axial stratum and magnetic resonance for 100 patients per day, indicating that there is cooperation with Al-Biruni University Hospital in Damascus in that they refer patients who need radiotherapy. He also noted that the hospital enjoys the support and  cooperation of the Friends of Cancer Patients Association.

Haifaa Mafalani