Not a single Coronavirus case registered in Syria so far

Syrian Minister of Health, Nizar Yazigi, has affirmed that no Corona virus case has been recorded in Syria so far, stressing that the ministry has taken all necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of the virus in the country.
The minister said: "Some time ago, we urged all Syrian ports, medical centers, health directorates at all borders, and Damascus International Airport, to test suspected cases, especially those who come from East Asian countries, in order to prevent the transmission of the virus that has started to spread in many countries.
He asserted that the Syrian Ministry of Health will spare no effort to take all necessary measures to prevent, to fight and isolate the disease, if any case is confirmed."
On his part, Deputy Minister of Health Ahmed Khlefawi told Syria Times e-newspaper the classification of Syria according to the global health security index is as one of the countries with a low level of preparedness to confront epidemics is unprofessional because it is done without studying the situation in Syria.
Khlefawi asserted that Syria is coronavirus free because the state has adopted all necessary measures since the beginning of the outbreak of the virus. “Some hospitals have been equipped to receive suspected cases. Add to that the ministry has distributed Influenza vaccines for high-risk groups such as children and the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases (such as diabetes and arterial tension) for immunity.”
Regarding what has been circulated about registering a coronavirus case in Syria, Khlefawi made it clear that the patient, that media outlets talked about, was a woman who had a lung infection and had a predisposition and general weakness resulting from "glandular problems and other pathological problems. “ She had no symptoms of coronavirus infection”
On her part, Director of the Contagious and Terminal Diseases Department at the Health Ministry Dr. Hazar Faroun reiterated that no cases of Coronavirus have been registered in Syria,
“ The patients tested at hospitals have normal seasonal flu and their rates are within the normal limits,” she added.
Dr. Faroun indicated that the similarity between the symptoms of flu and the Coronavirus makes some people suspicious and lead them to panic. “ Coronavirus infection is diagnosed via a specific lab test conducted at a special lab set up by the Ministry, and so far no cases have been registered.”
She noted that the Ministry is still adopting strict monitoring measures at border crossing points and airports, taking the temperature of arrivals and conducting tests for suspected cases, particularly for people coming from China and East Asia, who fill out a form containing their details. “Moreover, the Ministry follows up on their health status for 14 days, which is the incubation period for the virus”.
Director General of the General Authority of Damascus Hospital Dr. Samer Khedr underlined that the cases that were admitted to the hospital had normal seasonal flu which increases during winter, adding that the necessary treatments are provided to these patients routinely.
He clarified that yesterday, a 40-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with a severe case of seasonal flu, and according to precautionary measures, the patient was kept at the hospital to receive the appropriate treatment and to monitor his health condition.
Haifaa Mafalani