Syria’s Health Sector Most Targeted by Caesar Act - Depriving Syrians of Medication and Treatment

The so-called US Caesar Act constitutes a new chapter of aggression against the Syrian people by targeting the vital agricultural, industrial and economic sectors. It may perhaps have the greatest negative impact on the health sector, especially in light of the Corona virus spread in the world. While efforts of the countries of the world are concerted to address it, the Syrians have been intentionally deprived of medication and medical treatment requirements.

Al-Razi Hospital in Aleppo is one of the most important hospitals that has continued to provide free medical treatment services to citizens during the terrorist war in Aleppo. Al-Razi director, Dr. Maan Duba, says that implementation of this US legislation has severely affected the Syrian people in the first place, noting ‘we face challenges with signing new contracts to request equipment, maintenance and therapeutic drugs.’

Coronavirus Global response summit calls for universal vaccine

Participants in the  Coronavirus Global Response summit  held on Saturday evening called for the necessity of providing the vaccine upon reaching it to everyone who needs it. The summit was held as part of a joint initiative between the European Commission and Global Citizen Organization.

Russia Today website quoted European Commission President Ursula Von Der Line as saying during the summit that it is "necessary to provide the vaccine to everyone who needs it."

Health Ministry: One new patient died from Coronavirus, 6 patients recovered

The Health Ministry has declared that one Coronavirus patient has died, while 6 others have recovered. 
The ministry said in a statement today that a patient who had entered hospital with respiratory problem died and tests showed he was infected with Coronavirus thus raising the death toll to 8. 

The highest number of Corona virus cases registered in Morocco during the last 24 hours

Rabat (ST): The Moroccan Ministry of Health has announced that 563 infection cases with the Corona virus were registered during the last 24 hours bringing the total number of cases to 10907.

The Ministry added that two deaths resulting from the fatal virus were registered raising the total number of deaths to 216.


Health Ministry: 11 new corona virus cases registered bringing the total of cases in Syria to 242

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Health has announced that 11 new corona virus cases were registered raising the total number of corona virus cases in Syria to 242.

In a statement, the Ministry said that two cases that had recovered brought the total number of recovery cases to 96 cases.

The number of Corona virus infection cases has reached 242 with 96 recovery cases and seven fatalities.

The first Corona virus case was registered in Syria last March 22nd for a person coming from abroad, and the first death resulting from infection with the fatal virus was registered on March 29th.