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10 thousand services in mobile clinics in Hama

Mobile clinics services belonging to Hama Health Directorate will reach more than 10.000 beneficiaries 4.000 of whom are children from liberated areas.

Dr. Jihad Aburah, the director of Hama Health Directorate said to SANA that the services of clinics are multiple tasks including pregnant care, family planning, nutritional surveillance for children under five, monitoring who didn’t take the vaccine, medical examination of leishmaniasis infections and other diseases.

Dr. Saad Shomel , head of Public health program department, confirmed that these services are free of charge and more visits will be organized to the liberated areas in Hama Northern countryside till accomplishing the rehabilitation of the heath Centers.


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The Start of renovation works for the the surgeries Department and Maternity Center in Daraa Hospital

The general authority of Daraa Hospital has started renovation works for the surgeries Department and Maternity Center that went out of service because of Terrorist attacks.

Dr. Bassam Al-Hariri, the director of commission, said to SANA that these works started with support from the United Nations Development Program, and this renovation work will include all the surgeries Department (10 rooms included) and Maternity center that has been expanded 54 beds, two surgery rooms and a labor room.

He noted that this will Increase the beneficiaries of the hospital services.


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Indian initiative for fitting 500 artificial limbs for the victims of war

Within the framework of the friendship and cooperation relations between Syria and India, an Indian initiative has performed the fitment of 130 artificial limbs for those who were wounded in the war and for people with special needs.

The humanitarian Indian Initiative, which started last December 25, will last until 500 artificial limbs in various Syrian governorates have been fitted.

According to the initiative, an Indian medical team will supervise the fitment of the artificial limbs in coordination with the ministries of health and social affairs.

Preparing specialized mobile teams to combat leishmaniasis in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzour, ST- Deir Ezzour Health Directoratecontinues to provide free diagnostic and treatment services for leishmaniasis through distributed centers in the city and the countryside, as it prepares, according to those responsible for it, to send mobile teams to treat  injuries in aljazeera region.

Deir Ezzour Health Director Dr. Bashar Al-Shuaibi told  Sana Health that the treatment is provided to people with leishmaniasis free of charge through weekly sessions in 20 health centers spread in the city of Deir Ezzour and its safe countryside in addition to  4 mobile teams, stressing that “treatment is available for different cases".

Frozen embryo born 13 year after being stored in Iran's city of Isfahan

Baby girl, named Nafas, was born from a frozen embryo in the Iranian city of Isfahan, on December 23, 2019, ACC, according to Press TV.

A baby girl has been born of an embryo frozen for thirteen years in the Iranian central city of Isfahan, becoming the longest known frozen human embryo to result in a successful birth in the West Asia region.

The baby delivered on Monday was conceived back in 2006, when the scientists at the Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center froze the embryo and left it in the storage.

The frozen embryo that became the baby girl, named Nafas, has a 12-year old twin brother, who was conceived at the time.

She now holds the record for the longest-frozen embryo to come to birth in West Asia.

According to Doctor Asadollah Kalantari, a founding member of Isfahan’s center, more than 500, 000 frozen embryos are currently in storage there from families across the country and around the world.

Many have found the baby’s birth very inspiring as it could signify the potential for even more people to become parents through the technology.

Last time a baby was born through the technology was two year ago in the United States.

The baby was born in November 2017, as the result of an embryo originally frozen on October 14, 1992.

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