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Updating medical centers and hospitals and putting them into service after getting rid of terrorism in Aleppo

Three years after its liberation from terrorism, the health sector in Aleppo is gradually regaining its presence by restoring damaged hospitals and health centers in order to provide health services to people.

According to Dr. Ziyad Haj Taha, Head of Health Directorate in Aleppo, 40 medical centers have been updated and put into service in addition to continuing work and providing free medical treatment to citizens in 8 hospitals. Dr. Haj Taha referred to the plans to put more such facilities in place and equip them with medical equipment and staff, respectively.

A Syrian doctor reforms the entire lower jaw to a 50-year-old woman with a new technique

Damascus,(ST)- Dr. Khaled Auf, a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, reconstructed the entire lower jaw body of a 50-year-old woman who had lost it due to severe injury via a technique and device that he had previously invented and patented.

Dr. Aouf, head of the department of jaw surgery at the police hospital, explained to Sana that the technique is applied for the first time to build the entire mandible bone without the need for heterogeneous or self-implanting procedures, as it was previously applied partially, indicating that the woman was severely injured and the technology was ideal for her condition and proved successful in building the mandible between 20 Up to 25 days.

A thousand children die everyday due to the continuous Saudi aggression, says Health Ministry

SANA'A, (ST) - The Yemeni Minister of Public Health and Population Taha al-Mutawakil emphasized that the health sector in Yemen is one of the most civil sectors affected by the Saudi aggression and the siege imposed by it, indicating that international organizations have not done their part in meeting the needs of this sector in light of the unfair siege.

The outpatient expansion project of the Hospital Diseases and Cardiac Surgery at the University of Aleppo retain to service

Aleppo-(ST) The Hospital Diseases and Cardiac Surgery at the University of Aleppo developed a project to expand the outpatient service, after its completion, at a cost of 160 million Syrian pounds, to accommodate more than 120 patients per day in addition to the ambulance department auditors, bringing the number of patients and clients per day to 300 patients.

Dr. Tamim Azzawi, director of the hospital, told a SANA reporter that the opening of the outpatient expansion project contributes to reducing congestion from the hospital to accommodate the largest number of patients, as he pointed out that the Cardiac and Surgery hospital has more than three departments that service patients. 

Unifying the treatment protocols for oncology.. Al-Bairuni Hospital records 9,000 new cancer cases and free services

In parallel with the work to unify the treatment protocols for oncology at the national level, the government health institutions continue to provide free treatment for cancer patients with the most up to date global developments in terms of diagnosis, management and follow-up, according to specialists.

At the annual scientific conference of the Syrian Association of Oncologists, which gathered about 200 specialists at the Conference Palace in Damascus at the end of last week, the Association's President, Dr. Muhammad Qadri, told SANA that updating and unifying the protocols of oncology in Syria is a national project adopted by the National Committee for Cancer Control in cooperation with the agencies working in this regard  depending on the latest international protocols, and in line with the facilities and capabilities of local oncology centers.