Corona virus infections rise to more than 8 million infections around the world

 Paris (ST) - The number of people infected with Corona virus has reached to more than 8 million, more than half of them reside in Europe and the US according to France Press Agency.

Since the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic last December, about 8000202 infections have been registered including 435176 deaths.

In Europe, the number of infections rose to 2417902 including 188085 deaths, and in the US the number amounted to 2110182 infections including 116081 deaths.

Since May 10, the number of infections has doubled  as more than one million infections were registered in the last 8 days.

The new infections came as Europe started to open its borders which have been closed for months to stop the spread of the fatal virus.

Germany, Belgium, France and Greece have opened their borders with the EU states considering that the pandemic has been controlled.

Meanwhile, scores of new infections have been registered in a market to the south of the Chinese capital Beijing. The World Health Organization said that more than 100 new infections were registered in China. The new wave of infections pushed the Chinese authorities to close several residential areas and sports and cultural centers.


Four coronavirus patients have recovered

Health Ministry announced on Monday that the total number of the recoveries from Coronavirus has risen to 78 after 4 more patients recovered.
The Ministry added in a statement that the total number of infections  in the country reached 177 until today,78 of them have recovered while 6 have died.

Launching national vaccination days

The national vaccination days organized by the Ministry of Health started today until the eighteenth of this month. It will target children from the age of one to five years.

The campaign includes the 11 routine vaccines included in the national vaccination program, in addition to monitoring children who drop out of the vaccine system.

The Ministry of Health: 7 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, and 3 cases were recovered

On June 14, the Ministry of Health announced that new seven cases of Coronavirus have been recorded of people who came in  contact with people from the town of Ras al-Ma`ra in Damascus countryside, and that three new cases have recovered.

The ministry said in a statement that the total number of infections  recorded in Syria reached 177 infections, 74 of them recovered and 6 died.

12 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Health Ministry has declared that 12 new Coronavirus  cases have been reported. 
The ministry said in a statement issued on Thursday that 12 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Ras al-M'arra town in Damascus countryside thus raising the number of infections to 164.