Tamiko sends a shipment of medicines to the Governorate of Deir Ezzor

On June 11, the Arab Company for Pharmaceutical Industry (Tamiko) sent a shipment of medicines to the Governorate of Deir Ezzor to support the pharmaceutical sector there.

The Director General of Tamiko Dr. Fida Ali stated  that this shipment is the second one after the 11- ton shipment to the Governorate of Aleppo five days ago .

Dr. Ali that the 10-ton shipment to Deir Ezzour included various items and pharmaceutical forms that the company produces from pain-killers, anti-inflammatory and diabetes medications in addition to hand sanitizer that the company recently produced.

6 coronavirus patients have recovered, 6 new cases have been reported

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Health Ministry has declared that 6 Coronavirus patients have recovered, while 6 new cases have been reported. 
The ministry said in a statement issued on Wednesday that 6 coronavirus patients have recovered thus raising the number of recoveries to 68. 
While 6 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Ras al-M'arra town in Damascus countryside thus raising the number of infections to 152.
The six patients were in close contact with infected people in the same town. 
The first case of coronavirus was detected in Syria on March 22nd, 2020.
Basma Qaddour

Ministry of Health: Non-compliance with preventive measures will lead to impose strict precautionary measures again

Damascus, (ST)  - The Ministry of Health stressed the need to raise the level of preparedness and investigation to tackle the Corona virus, with recording 21 infections among contacts of people coming abroad, indicating that although the number of infections is not huge, but it is a dangerous indication of some recklessness and the possibility of developing infections and spreading the infection more . This matter will force us return to impose strict precautionary measures again.

The Ministry clarified in a statement read today by the deputy director of communicable and chronic diseases at the ministry, Dr. Atef Al-Tawil that it had taken, immediately after the discovery of infections between contacts of foreigners, measures to limit the spread of infection through quarantine on the town of Ras al-Ma`ra in Damascus countryside.

Two new coronavirus cases have been reported in Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS,  (ST)_Two new coronavirus cases have been reported in Ras al-M'arra town in Damascus countryside, according to a statement released today by  the Ministry of Health. 
The statement said that the number of infections in Syria has risen from 144 to 146 after two people tested positive in M'arra town .

More than 408 thousand deaths, seven million and 200 thousand infections with Coronavirus around the world

Capitals,(ST)- The number of deaths from the emerging coronavirus around the world exceeded the threshold of 408 thousand, while the number of infected people reached more than seven million and 200 thousand.According to the American Worldometer website, the number of deaths as of this morning reached 408,782 deaths, and the number of  infections reached 7201126, while the number of people recovered reached 3538086.

In this context, the Russian health authorities announced the registration of 171 deaths and 5,958 new infections with the Coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

The CoronaVirus Operations Room indicated that the total infections reached 485,253 cases, while the total deaths reached 6,142 people.

For its part, the Pakistani Ministry of Health confirmed the registration of 301 deaths and 2,170 new infections with the new Corona virus during the past hours. The Afghan Ministry of Health also announced the registration of 15 deaths and 542 new cases of the virus.