China calls on the international community to enhance cooperation in tackling the Coronavirus

Capitals, ST- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the international community to enhance cooperation in tackling the Coronavirus and other epidemics, noting that the spread of this virus in several countries showed how all countries are related to each other.

"The current spread of this disease reminds us again that , in the age of globalization, the fate of all countries is closely related to each other ... and therefore our interests are shared," Wang told his French counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drian in phone call, Xinhua reported.

Syria participates in the International Asian Dental Implant Conference

Colombo, (ST) - Syria participated in the the  Asian International  Dental Implant Conference which was held last week in Colombo, Sri lanka  discussing  the basic concepts of adopting  digital technology in dentistry.

With the participation of about 400 doctors from different countries of the world, the conference which lasted three days included about 15 lectures focused on the developments of knowledge and surgical and prosthetic experiences in the field of dental implants and digital technology.

Russia is developing two vaccines against the new coronavirus

Russia has developed two experimental vaccines against the new coronavirus, which has currently become an epidemic in China and a number of countries.

Sputnik quoted the Director General of the Novosibirsk Virological and Biotechnology Scientific Center (Viktor) Rinat Maksyotov as saying today that two vaccines are being developed whose prototype would be tested in June, indicating that two diagnostic sets of the new coronavirus have already been established in Viktor.

The Chinese health authorities announced earlier recording 2744 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, including 461 cases in critical condition, of whom 80 people died.

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Death toll from coronavirus in China rises to 56

China announces reaching anti-coronavirus medicine

The death toll from the newly discovered coronavirus has risen to 56.

Reuters reported that China confirmed that 1975 people were infected with the coronavirus.

The health authorities in China announced on Saturday the increase in the number of confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus to 1287 cases all around the country, including 237 cases that are of critical condition. The health authorities indicated the death of 56 people as a result of the disease.

The virus first appeared in Wuhan, in central China's Hubei province, late last year and spread to other Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France and Canada.

440 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia reported in China

BEIJING- Chinese health authorities announced Wednesday that some 440 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) had been reported in 13 provinces in China by the end of Tuesday.

The cases had resulted in nine deaths, all in central China's Hubei Province, said Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission (NHC), at a press conference, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Altogether 149 new confirmed cases were reported Tuesday, Li added.

Overseas, one case has been confirmed in Japan, three in Thailand, and one in the Republic of Korea, the Chinese agency said.