Syria has joined Animal Welfare Protection Network

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria has joined the International Network of Animal Welfare Protection that aims to enhance international cooperation in protecting animals from diseases and developing policies related to this issue.

This step was done during the 15th meeting of the Middle East Regional Committee of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) held in Abu Dhabi.

A young man invents an neurological device that benefits patients and healthy people

The creative and intellectual energy to search for solutions to some medical conditions, especially neurological and psychological, has motivated the young man Nawras al-Jouja, who won the award of recognition and honor at Al-Basil exhibition for creativity and invention last September, to invent a neurological device .

Nawras, who is a secondary school student, told SANA that this invention was motivated from a human aspect in a large part in addition to his passion for basic sciences.

He pointed out that the idea of his project started from the waves of the brain, indicating that his invention of the electro-nervous device is a starting point to a wider world in the field of finding solutions for patients and healthy alike through the use of electrical energy.

On World AIDS Day, Syria is still among the countries with low HIV prevalence

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Marking World AIDS Day, the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that the number of registered AIDS cases in Syria since 1987 until today has reached 1013, 248 of them continue to get free treatment in the ministry's specialized centers.

According to Director of the Health Ministry's National Program for Combating AIDS, Dr. Jamal Khamis, said that 347 of those infected with HIV in the country are non Syrians while the other 666 are Syrians. He affirmed the implementation of a national strategy to enhance prevention against this disease, protect and reduce infection and follow up the condition of the patients living with HIV through providing them with necessary medical services, psychological support and free treatment.

The opening of the first laboratory for cancer drugs locally and in the Arab world

Syria celebrated the opening of the first cancer medicine laboratory in the Middle East last week with full local expertise. The factory, which opened in the industrial city of Adra in Damascus countryside, belongs to the Central Company for Pharmaceutical Industries, "Menfarma. The factory, which seeks to "ensure the availability of medicine in the market at economical prices," and a production capacity of up to 6000 vials and ampoules per hour from the sterile fluid line, and 12000 tablets per hour from the line of tablets.

Syria Times newspaper met the company's CEO Dr. Adnan Jafo to speak about this great achievement despite the difficult circumstances and the war suffered by Syria. Dr. Adnan Jafo said "the health ministry's plan, as he knows, is to work on the manufacture of generic drugs, especially to treat cancer and vaccines to secure the need of the local market."

TAMICO sales more than 3 billion with profits equivalent to one billion pounds in 10 months

Damascus,ST- Sales of the Syrian  Arab Medical Company "TAMICO" until last month, amounted to three billion and 47 million pounds, an increase from the same period last year by about 600 million pounds, which is equal to the entire sales last year, according to the marketing report of the company, which SANA obtained a copy of it.

The company's general manager, Dr. Fida Ali, said in a statement to SANA that sales of the current year will reach 3.700 billion pounds in light of the contracts concluded and the average sales during the past months.