Matt Damon: Larry Hagman Impacted My Life

Larry Hagman, the Dallas icon revealed which younger actor he was hoping to co-star alongside

. "I'd like to play Matt Damon's daddy," Hagman told ET. "He's a wonderful actor, I really admire him, and I'd like to play his daddy one day. You listen in' out there  Matt? I'd like to work with you, boy!"

While Hagman's untimely passing on November 23 prevented the two from ever working together, ET caught up with Damon at The Independent Film Project's 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City last night and relayed the message.

I grew up watching him," an honored Damon exclusively told ET of the late, great TV star. "Who Shot J.R.? was more than a TV event. It made its way into my consciousness at a very young age. I was probably 10 or 11 when all that was going on. He was certainly   impactful in a way that is probably much harder to be now. there's a lot more channels and a lot more noise. He's a huge part of American culture."