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Preparations are underway for producing a TV series entitled "Wedding in the Alley". Scenarist Marwan Qawooq said that the series deals with the social customs that were prevalent during the Ottoman period through a problem that erupted during a wedding party.

Syrian actress Karis Bashar is currently working on a new TV series titled "The Brigadier" by director Bassem al-Silka. Earlier Karis took part in two successful series "Safety Distance" in which she appeared as Sarab, the wife who is waiting for family reunion. She also took part in "Gold chains" in which she played Dahab, the divorcee who tries to take revenge on her husband.

Syrian actor Qusai Ali is currently working on the second part of the TV series titled "Simply" along with a number of prominent Syrian actors including Bassem Yakhor, Fadi Sbeih and Nadin Tahsin Bek. Ali said that throughout its eventful history, Syrian TV drama has been teeming with outstanding actors and actresses, pointing out that the new series is an opportunity to benefit from the experienced actors.

Egyptian actor Adel Imam has recently resumed work on a new TV series titled "Valentino" along with Egyptian actor Tamer Hosni. The series deals with the story of Nour Abdel Majid, known as Valentino, who owns several international schools and faces many problems with his wife. The cast includes several Egyptian movie stars such as Dalal Abdel Aziz and Suleiman Eid.