Joud Saeed's film "Star of the Morning" wins the Golden Tanit for the Carthage Film Festival Award

For the second time in a few weeks and after winning Darb al-Sama award at the Alexandria Festival, Joud Saeed's new film "Star of the Morning" wins the Carthage Film Festival and receives the Golden Tanit for the Audience Award in the 30th Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia.

It is noteworthy that the film "Star of the morning" deals with a very important issue that the Syrian women had greatly suffered from during the years of the war on Syria.

In this film, Joud Said tries to highlight the suffering of kidnapped Syrian women who were tortured by terrorist groups in different Syrian cities during the war years.


The film is produced by the general Establishment for Cinema.  Starring are artists: Mohammed Al-Ahmad, Hussein Abbas, Lujain Ismail, Youssef Al-Muqbel, Rana Jamoul, Mamoun Al-Khatib, Karam Al-Shaarani, Nisreen Fendi, Ola Saeed, Alia Said, Nader Abdel-Hay, Nawar Saad Eddin, Sandy Nahhas Russell Hussein and others.

It is worth mentioning that last month, Jude Said won three awards for "Darb El Sama" at the Alexandria Film Festival, two in the Arab competition and one in the international competition.




Lama Razzouk