Special screening of feature film (Darb El Sama) at "Cinema City" in Damascus

Damascus,ST- A large crowd of artists and journalists  filled " Cinema  City" hall during the special screening of the feature film "Darb Al-Sama " starring Ayman Zidan. The film was screened yesterday within the Ministry of Culture Day activities.

The film, directed by Joud Said and produced by the General Establishment for Cinema.  "Darb al-sama" revolves around the years of war in Syria,  it  shows the effects  of the war on people through a social tragedy mixed with black comedy that tells the story of a Syrian family  that has forcibly abandoned its  residence several times, but its members still gather  in   their determination to live, break fear and challenge war's attempts to end their existence.

Murad Shaheen, director of the Cinema Foundation, confirmed that the film, which was screened for the first time in the 35th session of the Alexandria Film Festival, was able to obtain   three awards from the Arab and international arbitration committees, in addition to the great celebration it received.

In turn, director Jude Said told SANA that the film poses questions through its story which its main idea is about how the human being can rebuild himself again after being displaced from his home because of the war. He pointed out that cinema is a mirror of the society with its problems and aesthetics and art is the basic expression tool to tell who we are.

The artist Ayman Zidan, the hero of the film, said: “The film was the first collaboration with Jude Said and it was a sentimental journey that carried special memories of nostalgia and love.”

The artist Abbas Al-Nouri said that the aim of the arts is to present the human problems and provide an artistic reading of the real events to attract the audience.  He pointed out that there are many works that talked about the war and it is very important to pay more attention to humane works.

It is noteworthy that "Darb al-Sama" is the fourth feature film that brings together Jude Said and the General Establishment for Cinema after "Matar  Homs" ," Waiting for Autumn", and" A man and three days".