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The feature film (Against the Wall) is a new film by the General Establishment of Cinema

The filming of the feature- length  film, " Against the Wall", directed by Aws Mohammed and produced by the General Establishment of Cinema, takes place in separate areas of Damascus and its countryside.

The movie recounts the story of  Dr. Qusay, who holds a doctorate in media studies,  and whose life changes when someone comes to ask him about an old friend who has a problem. The doctor is then subjugated to  enormous pressure that puts him in a difficult situation. Since then,  the search journey begins.

The film does not directly monitor the war and crisis in Syria, but rather deals with the repercussions and implications  of the Syrian crisis and the terrorist war on the current society.


A number of artists are participating in the film. They are Ahmed Al-Ahmad, Abdel-Moneim Amayeri, Lyn Ghurah, Ali Satouf, Al-Farazdaq Diop and Hamada Salim.

Inas Abdulkareem