Farid al-Atrash: Fifty-five years of "A Tale of Love" with music

He modified  the western tunes so as to be played on the oud.

When Farid al-Atrash is mentioned, many words with broad connotations are associated with him  as he is the skilled artist, the creative composer, the sensitive emotional singer, and the actor who contributed to the  spread of songs in the cinema.

In his book, "Farid al-Atrash" - recently issued by the Syrian General Book Authority , the Ministry of Culture , Dr. Fayez al-Dayeh says about Farid al-Atrash: "He is an international artist, whose fame was great  and had a very large audience listening to his songs in many countries. He composed many tunes which were sung by singers in many languages, including French, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, and Greek. This artist, who belongs to an ancient Syrian family, was born in Al-Qurayyah near the city of As-Sweida in 1915 and died in Beirut in 1974.

Al-Dayeh adds in recounting his life's career. "Al-Atrash had acquired high artistic experiences in playing the oud from his musivsl environment at home, especially with his mother, who expanded her activities and recorded a number of songs on CDs, and from the guests and friends of the family of artists who were famous in composing and playing music such as Farid Ghosen, Muhammad Al Qasbaji and Dawood Hosni. The oud became his best friend, especially by joining several important bands, including the famous Egyptian singer band, Ibrahim Hammoud , until the artist Badia Masabani gave him the opportunity to sing in a "casino" where artists were singing and performing various artistic shows.

Al-Kindy Cinema in Lattakia Hosted “Single Play” Film

Al-Kindy cinema in the city of Lattakia has  hosted the first   screening of the feature film "Single Play" (Azef Munfered), directed and written  by Abdel-Latif Abdel-Hamid.

“The film, which was produced by the General Film Establishment   and won international awards, shed light on the events of the year  2013 and the nobility of the Syrian individual  through  the film's hero, “Talal”, the bassist    whose morals did not allow him to ignore the assistance of a man he did not know at the time  and who is experiencing the difficulties of daily life” according to the director Abdel Hamid.

The history of the Christmas tree and the most expensive types

A lot of people are keen to buy it and use it as a decoration within the celebration of the beginning of the year and Christmas and add different accessories and gift boxes.

The history of Christmas trees dates back to the symbolic use of evergreen trees in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped a god named "Raa" and they devoted a day to celebrating his recovery from his illness as a symbol of the victory of life over death using trees in their celebration.

Candlelit Christmas trees first appeared in America in the nineteenth century and were used during the celebration of the early winter solstice.

And with the passage of time, the decorated evergreen tree became a main pillar of celebration of Christmas, associated with its name, and people became artistic in its manufacture and decoration, and its prices varied greatly.

In Spain, the most expensive Christmas tree in the world appeared at a price of 15 million$, and it contained diamonds and high-value stones.

And in 2010, Abu Dhabi, Guinness World Records registers the most expensive Christmas tree in the world, valued at approximately  11 million$, reaching 43.2 feet, and decorated with 181 pieces of jewelry.

In Japan, the height of the Christmas tree has reached 2.4 meters priced at 4.2 million US dollars and includes 50 Disney characters.

Finally, the Tanaka tree in Tokyo is considered one of the most expensive trees, and it contains 12 kilograms of pure gold, which reached 468,000$.

Lama Razzouk

A Syrian expatriate enters Ukraine’s record book by making a 16-meter long cake

The Syrian expatriate chef, Nour Gamil Hamza, who specializes in European sweets manufacturing, entered the Ukraine Records Book of 2020 by making the largest cake.

Hamza, who resides in Ukraine, prepared a cake 16 meters long, 42 centimeters wide, about 200 kilograms in weight and approximately 7 centimeters high, has achived  a new record in the field of sweets.

Hamza said that he  took two days to prepare this large dessert cake which consists of apples, cream, cheese, cinnamon and cardamom plus caramel, , describing the  preparation process  as hard due to its large size and the large number of materials it contain.

Special screening of feature film (Darb El Sama) at "Cinema City" in Damascus

Damascus,ST- A large crowd of artists and journalists  filled " Cinema  City" hall during the special screening of the feature film "Darb Al-Sama " starring Ayman Zidan. The film was screened yesterday within the Ministry of Culture Day activities.

The film, directed by Joud Said and produced by the General Establishment for Cinema.  "Darb al-sama" revolves around the years of war in Syria,  it  shows the effects  of the war on people through a social tragedy mixed with black comedy that tells the story of a Syrian family  that has forcibly abandoned its  residence several times, but its members still gather  in   their determination to live, break fear and challenge war's attempts to end their existence.