Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Commission Holds its First Shopping Festival in Lattakia

“The Syrian government gives top priority to support the small and medium-sized  enterprises  as they are the pillars of national economy and one of the basic axes of the comprehensive development” Mrs.  Kenana Adra, Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Commission ( SMEDC) branch in Lattakia said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sideline of opening the SMEDC’S first shopping festival at Alma Hotel  in Lattakia province.

"Made in Syria" Family Shopping Festival in Tartous

The monthly “Made in Syria” Family Shopping Festival, currently held in Tartous province, is witnessing a remarkable turnout that reflects the importance of this event in reactivating the economic and social movement as well as in promoting Syrian goods.

130 industrial and commercial companies from different provinces specialized in engineering, health, food, textile and electrical industries are taking part in the festival, which is held by Damascus and Damascus Countryside's chamber of commerce.

Joud Saeed's film "Star of the Morning" wins the Golden Tanit for the Carthage Film Festival Award

For the second time in a few weeks and after winning Darb al-Sama award at the Alexandria Festival, Joud Saeed's new film "Star of the Morning" wins the Carthage Film Festival and receives the Golden Tanit for the Audience Award in the 30th Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia.

It is noteworthy that the film "Star of the morning" deals with a very important issue that the Syrian women had greatly suffered from during the years of the war on Syria.

In this film, Joud Said tries to highlight the suffering of kidnapped Syrian women who were tortured by terrorist groups in different Syrian cities during the war years.

Star News

Preparations are underway for producing a TV series entitled "Wedding in the Alley". Scenarist Marwan Qawooq said that the series deals with the social customs that were prevalent during the Ottoman period through a problem that erupted during a wedding party.

Syrian actress Karis Bashar is currently working on a new TV series titled "The Brigadier" by director Bassem al-Silka. Earlier Karis took part in two successful series "Safety Distance" in which she appeared as Sarab, the wife who is waiting for family reunion. She also took part in "Gold chains" in which she played Dahab, the divorcee who tries to take revenge on her husband.

You should know

The person’s name that is on the Syrian Lira in the picture is Dyab Abdulla Fares from Harasta, Damascus countryside.

He was born in 1933.

The Syrian Central Bank chose his picture because he was one of the best workers in the Glass factory in Kadam, Damascus countryside.

The Syrian government sent him to Belgium for training in the Seventy’s.  

This Syrian worker retired in 1980 and died at the age of 72.

One of the funny stories known about him: a police man stopped him asking for his ID, he answered: my ID is in your pocket.