Miss Russia 2013 winner chosen

 A student at the Siberian Railway University from Mezhdurechensk,18-year-old Elmira Abdrazakova has won the Miss Russia 2013 beauty competition,according to Voice of Russia.

As the winner she will receive $100,000, a car and the opportunity to represent Russia at the "Miss Universe" and "Miss World" beauty pageants.

The girl confessed that the most difficult part of the competition was walking in heels.

She said she would spend the money to help her hometown.

The finals of "Miss Russia-2013" were held in Moscow on Saturday.


Whitney Houston: FBI files on alleged threats released

The FBI has released files spanning a decade from 1988 to 1999 detailing three investigations it conducted on behalf of Whitney Houston.

The singer died in a hotel bathroom on 11 February last year.

The records, numbering more than 120 pages, were posted online on Monday, showing letters from obsessed fans and an alleged extortion attempt in 1992.

The Bureau found no crime actually occurred and there was no evidence of criminal threats in the fan mail.

Following Houston's marriage to New Edition singer Bobby Brown in 1992, the files show someone considered to be a close friend and "privy to much personal information" had allegedly attempted to blackmail her to the tune of $250,000 (£166,250), threatening to put private information into the public arena unless she paid out.

Houston was interviewed by the FBI at the New Jersey offices of her management company about the extortion investigation, but the records are heavily redacted.

A fan in Vermont, New England proclaimed his love through more than 70 letters in a 17-month period, sent to Houston at the height of her fame.

One letter read: "I tried to ignore what I felt towards her. After five months I had to do something so I started writing letters."

Later in the same letter, he referred to a plan to make his love for her public through the press, though he was afraid would hurt the singer's reputation.

He wrote: "It scares me that I might come up with some crazy or stupid or really dumb idea that might be as bad as that or even worse than that. I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realise how stupid an idea is until I have done it."

The FBI decided no law was broken as he had not made any physical threats towards Houston.

The files were released through a Freedom of Information Act request, but contained no new personal details about the star's life.

In 1999, the star received letters and recorded cassette tapes from the Netherlands, which she considered threatening.

Houston's death at the age of 48, the night before the Grammy Awards 2012, was as a result of accidental drowning due to cocaine use and heart disease, authorities said.


Homeless man returns huge engagement sparkler, earns $100,000

A homeless US man will soon have well over $100,000 after returning an engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it in his cup.

Sarah Darling’s fiancé set up a website seeking donations for Billy Ray Harris, who frequently begs on Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. By yesterday, more than 6,000 people had donated more than $145,000 to the fund.

“I think in our world we often jump to like the worst conclusion, and it just makes you realise that there are good people out there,” Miss Darling said.

Mr Harris discovered the ring about an hour after Miss Darling dumped spare change from her coin purse into his cup. She had taken off her ring earlier that day and put it with the coins.

“The ring was so big that I knew if it was real, it was expensive,” Mr Harris told KCTV.

Miss Darling was horror struck when she realised the next day what she had done. She went back to Mr Harris, squatted beside him and told him that she might have given him something valuable.

“’Was it a ring?”’ he recalled asking her. “And she says, ’Yeah.’ And I said ’Well, I have it.’”

Miss Darling gave Mr Harris all the cash she had in her wallet at the time.

“It seemed like a miracle,” Miss Darling said. “I thought for sure there was no way I would get it back.”

In explaining why he didn’t keep the ring, Mr Harris said he had a religious upbringing.

“My grandfather was a reverend,” Mr Harris said. “He raised me from the time I was six months old and thank the good Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character.

Source: breakingnews


Silver Linings Playbook wins Independent Spirit Awards

Silver Linings Playbook has won four Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on the eve of the Oscars.

The ceremony honors independent movies and is Hollywood's last big pre-Oscars ritual before Sunday's main event.

Silver Linings Playbook, up for eight Oscars, won Independent Spirit Awards for best film, director, screenplay and actress for Jennifer Lawrence.

John Hawkes took best actor for the part of the late disabled journalist and poet Mark O'Brien in The Sessions.

Hawkes said he hoped the film would help change perceptions of disability.

"Mark O'Brien said as a disabled man he felt invisible to people. I hope this film can change that a little bit and we all see each other a little more," he told the audience in his acceptance speech.

His co-star Helen Hunt - who plays a sex therapist in the film, based on an article written by O'Brien in 1990 - won best supporting actress.

Up for the same award at the Oscars, Hunt said backstage: "I'm proud of the movie, I can't believe we got it made."

'Complete surprise'

Matthew McConaughey, who was also nominated for best actor for Killer Joe, picked up the best supporting actor prize for Magic Mike, in which he stars alongside his mother.

He praised the process of making independent films. "The vitality you get from not having enough money and not having enough time… that's what I love about independent films," he said.

The prize for best foreign film went to Oscar favourite Amour, directed by Michael Haneke.

"I feel wonderful, it comes as a complete surprise," he said, after collecting his award. "No-one would think a film dealing with ageing and death [would do so well]."

Best documentary went to The Invisible War, which addresses rape and sexual abuse in the US military.

Producer Amy Ziering made an emotional speech, saying: "This award says to our service members - you are heard, you are not alone and you are no longer invisible."


Titanic fans ready to pay fortune to take replica ship’s maiden voyage

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who plans to build a modern replica of the legendary Titanic cruise ship by 2016, has received an “overwhelming” response from people around the world willing to be the first paying passengers. Titanic fans are ready to pay fortune to take replica ship's maiden voyage.

Source:Russia today