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“The First Day”: A film within the youth cinema project

The Syrian National Film Organization has finished the shooting of the short feature film ‘First Day’, which was produced by a grant given by the Youth Cinema Support Project.

Lotus Masoud wrote and directed the film as her first directorial experience with the seventh art, after two experiments in writing the theatrical text.

The First Day saw the launch of the new season in preparation for the Youth and Short Film Festival.

The film talks about May 22, 2018 when finally the terrorist mortars that had fallen like rain on Damascus city stopped, after the governmental forces retook all suburbs around Damascus city.

The feature film (Against the Wall) is a new film by the General Establishment of Cinema

The filming of the feature- length  film, " Against the Wall", directed by Aws Mohammed and produced by the General Establishment of Cinema, takes place in separate areas of Damascus and its countryside.

The movie recounts the story of  Dr. Qusay, who holds a doctorate in media studies,  and whose life changes when someone comes to ask him about an old friend who has a problem. The doctor is then subjugated to  enormous pressure that puts him in a difficult situation. Since then,  the search journey begins.

The film does not directly monitor the war and crisis in Syria, but rather deals with the repercussions and implications  of the Syrian crisis and the terrorist war on the current society.

Apple and YouTube allocate $ 200 million to combat racism

Washington, (ST) - The company "Apple" Electronics and YouTube clips service allocated 200 million dollars to combat racism and support for black issues in countries of the world.

Reuters quoted Apple as saying that "We will increase spending with black-owned supply companies as part of$ 100 million equality and racial justice initiative," while Google-owned YouTube announced it will spend $ 100 million "to fund black artists."

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple said in a video posted on Twitter that the electronics and technology giant wants to remove the “systemic obstacles” faced by people of color, especially blacks.

Orchestra “Orpheus” a cultural activity in your house

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Culture will hold in the coming days within the activities of the “cultural activity in your house”, an orchestra without an audience that will be performed by the Orchestra “Orpheus” led by the Maestro Andy Mughali in the Assad National Library.

“Orpheus” will present during the ceremony, which will be televised, messages emphasizing of the Syrian civilization, the originality and authenticity of the Syrians, in light of what the world is witnessing in its fight with the Corona virus.

Syrian singer Shahd Barmada releases new song to support children with cancer

Syrian singer Shahd Barmada has recently released a song on a YouTube channel as part of an initiative called "Childhood Is Life", in a bid to support children with cancer.

The proceedings of the song, which depicts a love story that triumphs over malicious attempts to undermine it, will go to the initiative.

Through her song, Barmada tried to move away from traditional singing that she has been adopting since the beginning of her career. She also sought to achieve diversity and present a light and fast song.

The song was written by Hani al-Sarow, composed by Ahmed Zaeem and distributed by Amro Abdel Fattah. The mixing and audio mastering steps were done by Maher Salah, the video of the song was designed by Samer Salem while general supervision was done by Eyad al-Bunni.