Freekeh with chicken

   500 grams of skinned chicken breast boiled
   2 cup boiled chickpeas
   4 cups chicken broth
   2 Cup of Freekeh, washed and drained
   2 onions large size minced finely chopped
     Teaspoon salt
    quarter tea spoon of black Pepper

Potato balls with minced meat


  A cup of low-fat cooking cream

  A cup of mozzarella light

 To prepare potatoes:

  1 kg peeled potatoes

  A cup of chopped parsley

Chicken Musakhan


     500 g chicken breast cut into thin slices

    White pepper - as desired

    Bharat problem - according to desire

    Cinnamon powder - as desired

     Sumac - according to desire

     700 g onion sliced into thin slices

Cool cake


     30 tea biscuits or biscuits Digestive

      6   teaspoons cocoa

      6 teaspoons sugar powder



 1 cup smooth semolina 

  4 tbsp ghee

  2 large tablespoons Butter

  7 cups water