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Syrian Diplomatic Club hails social work in Syria

Chairman of the Syrian Diplomatic Club Reneva Fourie and a number of club members yesterday visited the Social Care Association “Al Tamayoz for Orphan Sponsorship” in Damascus to be briefed on the association’s various activities and to discuss ways to support its social work.

 Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Damascus, Mr. Mahmoud Damrani , and Head of the Board of Social Care Association “Al Tamayoz for Orphan Sponsorship , Mr. Erfan Darkal received Mrs. Fourie and the club’s members .

Mr. Darkal briefed the diplomatic club members about Al Tamyoz  association and its activities, saying : “the association was established in 1959. It is one of the oldest and most famous organizations in Syria that takes care of orphan children and their families.”

“Our work has expanded during the crisis in Syria. Before the crisis we sponsored 3000 orphans but by 2020 the number of sponsored orphans reached 27 thousand, 120 of them are staying in the orphanage” he added.

Mrs. Reneva Fourie said in a statement to Syria Times (e-newspaper): “We came here to give a donation which is part of our job and has been during the last three months. But when we came and witnessed the scale of support that the institution is giving to a large number of orphans and the highly efficient work here we felt surprised and impressed. We felt that the amount of money we are donating is very humble. We also realized from the institution that local Syrians, who suffer from difficulties during the crisis, are still able to give and support such institutions”.

“Among our future plans in Syria is to cooperate with the Ministry of Social Affairs in all the projects that aim at economically empowering people, particularly women, to help them have sustainable income that improves their economic situation.  In addition, we plan to support food security and education and hold different activities, including bazaars and fashion shows ”, She added.

Rima Absi, deputy head of the Diplomatic Club told Syria Times that the club was established 25 years ago. The activities of the club, which stopped during the crisis in Syria, resumed in 2019. “We held many social activities such as charitable bazaars, aiming to collect donations for social associations”  Mrs. Rima said.

Interviewed by : Nada Haj Khidr