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Valentine's Day Bazaar in Damascus

More than 130 women and men participated with their various handmade products in the "Colors of Syria" bazaar, which was held in the Umayya hall at the Sheraton Hotel for three days and will conclude today.


The bazaar exhibits various handicrafts and products, including weaving, embroidery, crochet, and fooditems, as well as accessories, linens outfits, perfumes, bags, cosmetics, gemstones, in addition to medicinal aromatic products and others.


The bazaar OrganizerRana Al-Tabaa told Syria times that bazaar aimto introduce and market Syrian women's products, along with the possibility of finding permanent job opportunities for a number of them. She also highlighted the importance of handmade crafts.


Since the event is dedicated to Valentine's Day, most  displayed products  were about  the Valentine theme including chocolate, wool, crochet, recycling handmade products and other new stuff .The bazaar contributes in presenting Syrian women art crafts, as well as their distinct creativity in the field of handmadework, as the executed artwork reflect the developmentsof traditional Syrian crafts and the beauty of their product.


Mrs. Al- Takheen, who participated several times in the bazaar brought her hand-made jam from natural fruits;emphasizing the fact that “the bazaar is a good opportunity to market our products”.


Another participant  Christine Brimopresented different shapes of handmade candles which are devoted to different occasions, yet can be good as valentine’s gifts. The bazaar for Ms. Brimois the place where people gather and socialize. “You can as well find everything you need; as it is a market to sell my beautiful candles.” She exclaimed. 


Reem Trabishi, another participant, displayed valentine gifts for different occasions, made from natural and artificial flowersShe says that the bazaar make people familiar with her products.


Nivin Al-Kurdi, explained to Syriatimes about her sweets which are made from natural honey, and Chocolate Stuffed with honey. She believes that this bazaar is a good place for small businesses to display their products especially those who do not have shops or other platforms to display their products in an organized way. 

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr