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Damascus Citadel holds an art exhibition for children

The Baath Vanguards Organization held an art exhibition in the Citadel of Damascus with the participation of Syrian children from 8th until 11th February. The exhibition included distinguished paintings and exhibits.

The children presented their works which represent the integrated and harmonious Syrian environment.They directed a message of love and loyalty to the homeland and the leader of the homeland and the Syrian Arab Army.

Syria Times met Mrs. Heba Saeed, a member of the leadership of the Vanguards of the Baath Organization and the Director of the Arts Office, who told us about the exhibition:

“Within the plan of the Baath Vanguards Organization and the Art Office, we have permanent exhibitions at the level of the organization’s branches and at the country level.

Damascus Citadel was chosen to hold the exhibition in which a large group of children from different governorates of the country participated.

Through their drawings, children expressed their love and belonging to the homeland and their appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army. Children lived through the crisis of war, so they embodied their ideas in different ways. 

The participations of the children were many and varied, but we selected the most distinguished works that included paintings, drawings on glass, animal and plant decoration, engraving, printing, doll making, in addition to calligraphy and recycling.

Children also expressed their identity and their own imprint in their work in a spontaneous and abstract way.

The pioneers of Palestine also participated in a traditional fashion wing.

Saeed added, "We are conducting specialized central courses at the level of Syria that include all forms of women's art both  manual and technical, during which the trainers train children in provincial centers.

Sanaa Hasan