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Syrian Diplomatic Club delegation visits Aamal organization to support its social work

Aamal is a Syrian social non-governmental organization for Persons with Disabilities. It was established in 2002 in Damascus to provide rehabilitation services for people with disabilities and to enable them to be effective and independent in their life under the supervision of international experts.

Chairman of the Syrian Diplomatic Club, Ms. Reneva Fourie, and a number of club members recently visited the Aamal organization to be briefed on the organization’s various activities and to discuss ways to support its social work.
Aamal’s Executive Manager, Rana Al-Mnajjed said that Aamal provides training programs to workers in the field assisting people with disabilities, especially those with hearing, speech and language disorders and autism.

“The organization focuses on strengthening and expanding academic programs in Syrian universities in the fields of special education, health sciences and rehabilitation in cooperation with international academic institutions,” she added.
Ms. Fourie and club members toured the sections and departments of the organization where they were acquainted with how the organization works .

Ms. Fourie told Syria times : “The primary purpose of the Diplomatic Club of Syria( DCOS) is to organize fundraising events in support of charitable institutions. Our first fundraiser for the year will be a Ladies’ Brunch on the 10th of March.

The DCOS has decided that our first beneficiary should be the Aamal Association. We are here to see what Aamal does, so that our members are motivated to sell many tickets and raise much needed sponsorships for the brunch. All proceeds will be donated directly to Aamal, who will have representatives at the event”.

“We have also selected the date in honor of International Women’s Day, which is on March 8. Accordingly we have invited selected associations, including some who focus on the empowerment of women, to display artisanal items alongside the brunch. This will not only provide them with exposure but it will also enable them to use the occasion to generate an income for themselves” she said.

“All children have the right to achieve their full potential. The Aamal organization assists the children that have hearing disabilities and children with autism to become fully functional members of society. They do so with love and passion. The association is very well structured and professionally managed. The facilities are world class and the staff are highly skilled.

The fact that they provide a safe, creative and fun learning environment for children with the two specific disabilities is very touching. It is evident that the staff are dedicated and that the children are happy” Ms. Reneva Fourie added.
It is unfortunate that they are not able to do as much as they would like to, due to funding constraints.

The cost of cochlear implants and even of hearing aids is very high. Likewise the specialised equipment for children who have autism. We hope that our fundraiser will be supported generously.

About the future plans, Chairman of the Syrian Diplomatic Club said that “ we plan to visit historical landmarks in Syria so that we can better inform citizens of the respective countries about the history and culture of this country. We will also continue with our fundraising events. After the March 10th Ladies’ Brunch, we will have a Gala Dinner and the usual international bazaar”.

Rima Absi , deputy head of the Diplomatic Club told Syria Times that the club aims at briefing the diplomatic women with all the services provided in Syria, especially in charities and rehabilitation centers for women and for children with disability and at visiting historical places”.

“We visited Aamal organization in order to prepare for the charity event at the 10th of March, the proceeds of which will go to Aamal Organization”.

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr