Randa Tuffaha shows Keys from Palestinian memory

Artist Randa Tuffahaheld her third solo exhibition entitled "Keys from Memory" at the Arab culture center of Abou Rummanah ,Damascus .


The exhibition, which is about the Palestinian cause and the right to return to their homeland, includes more than 40 paintings of various sizes between small, medium and large, using oil colors which she likes.

Randa Tuffaha said to the Syria Times e- news paper:In all my paintings I used the same symbolsbreaking iron bars and the key of  return to the homeland which is a symbol of  heritage and the future. I also used other symbols that serve my ideas that I want to show”.


‘My paintings belong to several artistic schools. Some of them belong to expressionism and realism, while others  belong to abstractionArt nowadays do not belong to one school”, she added. 


The artist went on to say: "have prepared for this exhibition for more than a year. My family are living in Palestine they help me and provide me with information about the homeland." 


She pointed out that she reads a lot and collect information about her country, Palestine, to present the historical places in her paintings in this exhibition Which is rich in its themes, symbols and ideas.


Human emotions and sadness appear in the paintings through body movements or facial expressions to serve the main theme, which is the Palestinian cause and the archaeological sites such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Citadel Mosque Light spots express hope.


The works show sadness and  my inner feelings but the spots in the paintings express optimism.


The bright colors in Randas paintings reflect her inner ideas . She wishes to be international artist .

Reported by Nada Haj Khidr