Children's Hospital in Damascus launches its twentieth conference entitled "Hope for scientific research and advanced medical work"

On the first of September, the annual conference of the Children's Hospital was held in the presence of Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education, entitled "Hope for scientific research and advanced medical work"

The Director General of the Children’s Hospital Dr. Rustam Makkiyah,  opened the  conference with a speech in which he referred to the developments and multiple projects in the hospital despite the war conditions and economic sanctions. The postgraduate students presented new and important research in medicine. The hospital, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, provided plenty of support and facilities to develop the training mechanism for postgraduate students.


Makkiyah referred to some of the hospital's projects, including the rehabilitation of the intensive care department and internal rooms in order to serve patients and provide them with better care.

Rehabilitation of the ambulance building and clinics with modern foundations in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Rehabilitation of the central kitchen department with regard to distributing food, whether for children or for resident doctors.

Creating a special building for independent office rooms equipped with electronic equipment to serve the research of graduate students and provide a suitable environment for their research.

This in addition to a center for blood stem cell transplantation and cellular treatment for new children, which was the result of 15 years of work and effort, despite the siege.

The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, told Syria Times “ I’m very   pleased to participate in this conference, in the presence of  specialist doctors and graduate students who presented their valuable ideas and research . I think this conference is  is an important opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions and learn about the latest findings of medicine in various international universities”.

The minister spoke about the ministry's role in supporting and following up the research of graduate students:

“We, as the Ministry of Higher Education, constantly encourage scientific research, especially developmental scientific research, and link it to society.

We have a fund in the ministry to support scientific research and all postgraduates doing their Masters and Ph.D. In addition to that, there is an important role for the government, as it allocates a budget for each ministry separately to support its scientific research and actually implement it.

Some doctors presented their research on incurable diseases and genetic mutations that they encountered during their work, stressing the necessity of periodic examination of children since their birth.  

During the conference, the Minister of Higher Education presented certificates to some doctors in appreciation of their great efforts in the hospital and their dedication to work.

Dr. Jaber Mahmoud’ Head of the Ambulance and Clinics Division and a member of the Media Committee of the Conference to Syria Times:

 “This year, we will present a set of new research and scientific papers, in addition to clinical trials and valuable lectures by professors specialized in pediatrics from Damascus and other universities.

This conference in general focuses on what is new in pediatrics such as cardiac, digestive, neurological, orthopedic, marrow transplantation, endocrine and kidney diseases, and others.

My participation in the conference is to talk about the work mechanism of the ambulance  and clinics, the problems facing us, the ambitions and goals that we hope to achieve to fill all the gaps and advance the medical sector in general and pediatrics in particular to keep pace with the global progress of medicine

We have a set of recommendations about the reality of work in the children's hospital, which will be discussed at the end of the conference and presented later on the official websites to reach all those interested in the medical issue and shed light on the latest research of Syrian doctors.

Dr. Mahmoud also indicated that this conference is one of the conferences held in Syria. We have many periodic conferences on all disciplines, and all of these conferences provide new and valuable research that is added to the efforts of doctors and graduate students.

At the conclusion of the conference, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Hassan Al-Jabbah, Deputy Minister and Dr. Rustom Makkiyah, Director General of the hospital and the hospital doctors toured the exhibition accompanying the conference, in which some medical companies displayed medical supplies, including medicines and food derivatives specialized in child health and care, manufactured with national expertise.


Reported by Sanaa Hasan