AL -Hamra Theater presents the play" Supermarket"

On the first of September, AL- Hamra Theater in Damascus presented a play" Supermarket "written by Ayman Zeidan and Mahmoud al-Jaafuri and directed by Ayman Zeidan. The text of the play is taken from the Italian writer Daewoo Food.

The play refers to the conflict that takes place in each person between his principles, values, and the difficult circumstances he lives  that push him to overcome these principles.

The artist, Zidan, the director of the play, explained that the play presents a different visual and dialogue format from previous performances, with the participation of young actors who are passionate about the theater and have lived through the current difficult circumstances.

Zidane also stressed that the text of the play is a valuable text, but it is still alive so far because it approaches daily life and embodies the difficulties experienced by the family and how to deal with them.

Lama Badour, who embodied the character of Antonio in the play , said  to Syria Times "Though my  role was easy it had its complications .It  embodies the Syrian woman who stood by her husband during the war and she  is still standing by him in the  light of the difficult economic conditions that  experienced by the Syrian family".

The play was presented in a critical social comedy context, and the attendees were highly interactive with the play's events.

Rana, one of the attendees, expressed her opinion "It's a lot of fun - a wonderful play that depicts the life we live in a smooth and comic manner.

The play stars Hazem Zaidan, Lama Badour, Qusai Qudsia, Sally Ahmed, Hussam Salama and Khosnaf  Zaza .


Reported By Sanaa Hasan