Reproductive Health

The Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund in Damascus, held a workshop on reproductive health. The workshop was opened by the Director of the Reproductive Health Center, Dr. Reem Dahman, who defined reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes.She also mentioned the components of reproductive health that include  motherhood, family planning, early detection of cancer, care for women after childbearing age, in addition to medical examination before marriage.

Christmas Bazaar is an opportunity to promote Hand craft products

Various products that attract the attention of the visitors, in the "Christmas Bazaar" that was held by the Brigma Company at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus for three days.

The bazaar, which started on Thursday and conclude on yesterday, displayed a various works and hand made products and that the family needs including clothes, food, sweets and drinks for this occasion, as well as crochet works, distinguished woolen, and other things according to Nancy Al- Ajlani the Bazaar organizer.

 Al-Ajlani said to Syria Times e- newspaper that the bazaar is considered an important opportunity to promote hand craft distinguished products in addition to spreading joy and happiness.

“More than 100 young men and women participated in the event displaying their woks which are handicrafts and traditional crafts, such as leather bags, flowers, cloths and Damascene food” she added.

Asmaa Othman, a participant in this event from displayed her hand made chocolate. She wanted people to acquaint with her  product and she found the bazaar a good opportunity to showcase chocolate which people serve it as hospitality in Christmas occasions . She added that her aim of this participation is to market her products.

“Open Doors” Bazaar displays products made by young People with Mental Disabilities

Under the title "Open Doors ", a volunteer team from the “Al-Safina” Association  recently launched a bazaar of handicrafts works made by mentally handicapped people.

The two-day event included crochet, accessories canvas, embroideries and other products made by people with mental disabilities.

The exhibition is held annually to promote the products of young men and women, who are working in the “Al-Safina” workshops in Damascus and Jdeidet Artouz area, and to develop their skills.

Afforestation campaigns continue in Hama

The General Authority for Forest Management and Development in AL Ghab , in cooperation with a number of Local associations NGOs in Hama Governorate, carried out a large-scale afforestation campaign in several stages to rehabilitate the  wealth of the  forestry that damaged by fires. In addition it offered sums of money for people whose lands and crops have been damaged.

The saplings were provided free by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Local associations, and all segments of society participated in planting them. The plants included various trees such as carob, olives, laurel, oak and oak pine.

Palestinian Researcher: Fall of Tanakhic Narrative About Historical Land of Israel

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim, Palestinian researcher specialized in Israeli affairs, delivered a lecture entitled ‘The Fall of the Tanakhic Narrative About the Historical Land of Israel.

On Jerusalem Cultural Day, Al-Quds International Institution (Syria) organized a lecture at the Arab Cultural Center-Abu Rumana in Damascus on November 25.

Dr. Khalaf Al-Muftah; Director General of Al-Quds  International Institution (Syria) , Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Miro,  Chairman of the Syrian People’s Committee in Support of the Palestinian People, Brigadier General Akram Al-Salti,  Chief of Staff of the Palestine Liberation Army, Dr. Muhammad Qais, the Palestinian regional secretary of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party,  representatives of the Palestinian factions in Damascus, Mrs. Rabab al-Ahmad, Director of the Culture Center-Abu Rumana, and intellectual  and media figures attended the two-hour lecture.

The lecture started with  a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the Arab nation’s martyrs, then the two Arab Syrian and Palestinian anthems were played.