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The Higher Institute for Environmental Research in Lattakia hosts an art exhibition on Syria’s traditional crafts

“ Syria has been famous throughout history for its various traditional handicrafts which have an  important place in Syrian heritage . They are distinguished in terms of high-quality, beauty , art and skill in which craftsmen depended on their mental skills and professional experience, making their crafts characterized by accuracy and innovation” Dr. Hajar Nasser , Dean of the Higher Institute for Environmental Research at Tishreen University in Lattakia said in a statement to Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sideline of opening an art exhibition on Syrian traditional handicrafts .   

She stressed that “ Based on their pride and keenness on preserving the Syrian deep-rooted traditional handicrafts, Syrian youths seek to revive these crafts through using modern technologies”.   

Dr. Hajar Nasser pointed out that the artworks, which were inspired by the local environment and reflected the richness of Syrian civilization of traditional handicrafts , varied between engraving on stone, wood and copper, making straw dishes, decorating pottery and transforming silk into decorative paintings at homes and offices in addition to manufacturing paper and glass.

Bazaar Al-Farah presents an opportunity for producers to market their products

Al-Farah  Bazaar was opened with the  participation of a wide range of producers, commercial companies and owners of small projects in Hassiba hall in Mashrou Dummar from the second to the sixth of March.

The bazaar included many foodstuffs, clothes, detergents, accessories, perfumes, gifts, and more.

Mona from Al-Farabi Detergents Company to  Syria Times" Our participation in  bazaar helps to introduce our products, and it is an opportunity for us to market the product in a faster way. We provide high quality product with competitive price to foreign markets".

Lama also presented her small project, which is designing accessories and decorative tools, in addition to designing any model that customers require of accessories and distinctive  gifts that are handcrafted in a unique way.

Another participant spoke to Syriatimes about his product, which is the cultivation of ornamental plants of various kinds. He  presented a number of plants from his own plant nursery  with instructions on how to care for ornamental plants, such as providing appropriate lighting and watering them in measured quantities to preserve them for a longer period.

It is noteworthy that bazaars are  repeated in various Syrian governorates. They  include various industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors, thus they are a new step for the producer to present his products and display them to the consumer, especially the owners of small enterprises and those who are  with limited income, such as handicrafts which are individual products whose owner needs support and bazaar provides him with the opportunity to promote and develop his project.

Reported by Sanaa Hasan

Unique Paintings for Prominent World Artists Decorate the Streets of Lattakia

Art is one of the most important means of enriching the mind, as it is the work of fertile, creative imaginations that showcase the cultures of  people  or ancient historical events and experiences.

There is increasing interest in disseminating works of art in all parts of the cities, primarily due to the deep conviction of the importance of art in the life of society ,  its happiness and prosperity. This interest has expanded to take sophisticated forms such as the establishment of open-air museums as well as carrying out several artistic initiatives, workshops and campaigns where some places    are devoted to spreading artworks throughout them, thus becoming a destination for enjoying the arts.  

Diverse artistic works at the "feminine experience 4" exhibition in Damascus

Head of the Directorate of Culture in Damascus Waseem Al- Moubbayed and Director of the Arab Cultural Center Rabab Ahmad have recently opened a collective exhibition titled "Feminine Experiences 4" at the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

 The exhibition includes diverse works for 26 women artists in photography, paintings, engraving on stones, and Arabic calligraphy.

Artist and photographer, Zakaa Izzat Al-Kahhal, the organizer of the exhibition, told Syria Times e- newspaper “the idea formed because we wanted to hold a distinguished exhibition. We were seven talented artists and now we are 26 artists. The exhibited works are various.”

The Arab Center for Radio and Radio Training holds a course on line about detecting the false news

The Arab Center for Radio and Radio Training in Damascus held an on line workshop entitled "Combating False and Misleading Strategies for Pandemics (Covid 19 Model)"

The course was by remote training from Dubai, by journalist Mahmoud Ghazayel.A group of Arab journalists from various Arab countries participated in it.