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Wood Mosaic Artworks Exhibition in Lattakia Embodies Historical Syrian Symbols

Within the framework of the Culture Ministry ’s festivity  “My Land is Gold”,  the culture Directorate in Lattakia in cooperation with the Team for  Building  Life Skills  hosted the wood mosaic exhibition by  Researcher and Artist Raouf Bitar at Dar Al-Assad for culture in the province.

Wood is a masterpiece created by nature : unique colors, harmonious texture and a sweet scent.  60 wood mosaic artworks showcased  embodied  the symbols of civilizations and  heroes of the most famous epics in our region throughout history including Gilgamesh, the god Baal, the gods Ishtar and the Ugaritic mother to Nebuchadnezzar, the Queen of Europe, Sargon of Akkad , Apollodore de Damas   and Queen Zenobia. These artworks recall the greatness of the region’s heritage in addition to their artistic and aesthetic value.

Syriatimes e-newspaper visited the exhibition and met the artist Raouf Bitar who said “ Art is love ,  peace and an expression  of  our inner world. Syria is the  cradle of art , beauty and creativity . Every one , who has got  a Syrian identity,  should feel that he is the greatest person on this land because  he is the son of the Syrian land which is famous for its strong and distinguished  deep-rooted  civilization, energy, fertility and collective unity spirit”.

“ Art  documents  the history of every homeland. Through my wood mosaic  artworks  I  was keen on highlighting the  greatness of this region’s  civilization  with the help of what researchers have documented in this field” he added.

Various works inspired from local heritage in exhibition in Damascus

The Arab Cultural Center in Mezzeh in Damascus is currently hosting the artworks of 24 plastic artists within an exhibition that aims at reviving the Syrian heritage and enhancing the Syrian identity. 

The event comes within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the Ministry of Culture to maintain tangible and intangible heritage. 

The exhibition showcased many paintings that embodied the Damascene environment and its original heritage.

“Colors of Syria” a special Bazaar for Christmas products

Colors of Syria Bazaar concluded yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus with 120 participants who displayed their creative handmade products .

The bazaar, which lasted for three days, included various products of traditional hand embroidery, soap, food products, jewelry, clothes, sweets, and a lot of Christmas supplies.

The exhibits also included embroideries of various types and colors that covered clothes, accessories, artwork, wool works, colored cloth, handmade  perfumes and gifts, as well as food and sweets corners

The Organizer of the Bazaar, Rana Tabaa, Said to Syria times E- news -paper that the main aim of holding such an event  is to renew commercial and social activity that and to provide an opportunity for women who work in the field of handicrafts to market and promote their products

Tabaa pointed out that since the start of holding Bazaars at the Sheraton Hotel in 2016, “ our purpose has been to promote the products of Syrian women with the possibility of finding permanent job opportunities for a number of them, and to shed light on the traditional Syrian handicrafts in a contemporary way and introduce them to society again”.

Syrian Artist Hiyam Salman’s Fabric Artworks Turned into Scarfs in Japan

Art is creativity ,  beauty, love, sincerity, freedom  and a very important message  through which a person can express his feelings  in a way that neither language nor body movements can  reflect. Art is the air which we breathe and  keeps us  alive” Artist Mrs. Haiyam Salman said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.  

The artist  took part  in the  Middle East Bazar for Arab products ( X mas Arabian Bazar ) recently held in Kyoto in Japan with the participation of  a number of Arab countries including Syria, Yemen and Palestine .   

The Bazar, which was organized by YDY  ( my hand) -Bridge project,  displayed a wide variety of traditional Arab  handmade products such as Syrian olive oil and soap, traditional clothes, artworks ,  accessories , drinks and Arabic  coffee .

The x mas Arabian bazar, which witnessed a remarkable turn out , was characterized by showcasing artist Salman’s fabric artworks  and  which were turned   later into scarves manufactured with  high Japanese quality and technique.   

To shed light on this unique participation by a prominent Syrian artist, Mrs. Hiyam Salman told Syriatimes  “ YDY –bridge project  is an integrated project as it combines  civil society, marketing and reviving culture. It seeks to achieve   the idea   “with my hand, I create my future”.  YDY project  is a wonderful and distinguished project  which  supports  marketing  traditional handicraft products” . 

Reproductive Health

The Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund in Damascus, held a workshop on reproductive health. The workshop was opened by the Director of the Reproductive Health Center, Dr. Reem Dahman, who defined reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes.She also mentioned the components of reproductive health that include  motherhood, family planning, early detection of cancer, care for women after childbearing age, in addition to medical examination before marriage.