Egyptian MP condemns the Israeli aggression on the vicinity of Syria's Hama

Member of the Egyptian Parliament Atef Maghawri has condemned the Israeli aggression on the vicinity of the Syrian city of Hama, stressing that this criminal act is part of the Israeli repeated attacks on Syria.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, Maghawri said that "the Israeli attacks as well as the continuity of the illegal presence of US and Turkish occupation troops in Syria constitute a desperate attempt to support the terrorism that has been targeting Syria and the Syrian people.

He added that the Israeli repeated attacks on Syrian territories confirm that the alliance of evil which consists of the United States, the Turkish regime and some Arab and international parties, has begun to appear clearly to all after its terrorist tools have failed in achieving its hoped for goals in Syria.

Maghawri reiterated the need to lift the coercive economic measures imposed by Washington and its allies on Syria.

" The West should reconsider its siege on Syria, because this country is practicing its internationally recognized right to defend itself," Maghawri pointed out.

 Hamda Mustafa